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Training & Consultancy
360º Training
Live IP Training
Live IP
MXF Training
Onsite Support
Onsite Support

360º training Sessions

360º training Sessions

Getting started in 360°

• Basics of Camera Geometry and Lens Distortion;
• The Calibration Procedure and Illumination;
• Blending and Representation.

All about 360° in a week

• Camera Geometry multiple options;
• Lens Distortion Issues;
• The Calibration Procedure;
• Illumination Issues.

Live IP

Live IP Training

Not just “SDI”;
Why move to a live-IP infrastructure?;
What will the live IP World look like?;
Conceptual Model – Live IP production reference architecture.

• Standards, products and market trends;
• Object-based production, Virtualization, Clouds, SDN;
• How to manage the transition to live IP production?

MXF Workshops and Technical Training Sessions

MXF Training

• Material Exchange Format;
• Defining Workflows in a File-Based World;
• TV Fundamentals.

MXF Training

• Advanced MXF Class;
• Master MXF Class.

Onsite Support & Consultancy

Onsite Support

• Onsite Support

Onsite Support

• Consultancy

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