Your Business needs Video Content Marketing more than ever

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Content is King but it’s your audience experience that will make them stay Video Marketing has proven to be a very impactful way to connect with audiences, clients and whoever may be interested in your business. Combining sound and image, the dynamics offered by video are still very often chosen to portray the information that […]

The Rise of Remote Education: Vizzi Interactivity

Article Rise of Remote Education

The Global demand for Virtual Solutions Remote education is somehow a predictable path for modern society. The world is now presenting its most digital version yet. Technological advances and globalization effects changed the entire scheme of dynamics that rule our lives. And the way people communicate has already shifted dramatically due to the virtual solutions […]

MOG with full support of ProRes formats

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New product lines such as MAM4PRO, mDECK and mxfSPEEDRAIL allow for content creators and producers to natively encode and decode HQ ProRes content.

Boosting Creative Teams’ Productivity on Adobe Workflows with MAM4PRO

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Comprehensive Turn-key Production Solution MOG Technologies, a worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for broadcasters and professional media, announces today a new turnkey integration of MAM4PRO software for Adobe® workflows video editing tools, including Adobe Premiere® Pro, Adobe Audition® and Adobe After Effects®.  MOG has been collaborating with Adobe since 2012, accelerating media workflows and creating future-proof tapeless broadcasting infrastructures, both for SD and HD environments.  Now, […]

Remote Production and the Need to Keep your Business Going

Remote Production Blog

This is not a new subject. For over the last few years, businesses all around the world have been discussing the growth of remote work as the logical consequence of globalization and virtualization, and the Media and Broadcast Industry is no exception.  Every year new technologies are being developed to facilitate and simplify production infrastructures […]

We are Here to Help

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Dear customers and partners, The last few days have been surrounded by some uncertainties and hesitations. As we all know, we are now managing our lives around the reality of the global spread of COVID-19. I would like to personally reach out to assure you of MOG’s full commitment to the continuity of our services […]

Join us at Avid Connect 2020

join us at avid connect

Join us at the #AvidConnect Once again, this year, MOG will be attending the Avid Connect annual gathering, where we will have the exciting opportunity to collaborate and discuss new ideas and perspectives with industry leaders, technologists and creatives.  Join us to know how we are keeping up with the increasing production speed, understand how […]

MOG Partners with Simplyworks

mog partners with simplyworks

MOG Technologies, worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for broadcasters and professional media, announces today a new partnership with Simplyworks in the Middle East and Europe region. SimplyWorks plays an important role in these areas, by bringing technical expertise to answer to customer’s challenges while offering excellent high-profile project insights. By joining forces with MOG, customers […]

Top 5 reasons to start your online video streaming business

video streaming

Live streaming services are ruling the internet with the incredible growth of OTT platforms. Current viewers demand interactive and rich video experiences and you need to adapt your digital business to keep your audience engaged while monetizing your contents. There are plenty of reasons to build an online streaming business, but we selected the top […]

MOG will continue developing IP-Live Workflows in 2020

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The broadcast market has been evolving to a more IP based infrastructure and today it’s common to see video signal to be carried over IP networks. MOG can help you build a IP-based workflow with high flexibility, reduced costs and scalability in your production environment. So stick around to know more about our solutions for […]

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Remote Production and the Need to Keep Your Business Going

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Remote Production will be a game-changer for broadcasters and content producers. Here's 5 Reasons on why you should start the migration today.
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