IMF Framework for Distribution

What is the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) and how easily it handles distribution?

The SMPTE standard Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is widely used by broadcasters and OTT providers.

According to Netflix, the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) is a file-based framework designed to facilitate the management and processing of multiple content versions (airline edits, special editions, alternate languages, etc) of the same high-quality finished work (feature, episode, trailer, advertisement, etc) destined for distribution channels worldwide.

IMF allows the creation of many different distribution formats from the same composition while reducing the number of files that contents owners have to create. The Interoperable Master Format (IMF) minimizes storage and allows for flexible versioning and automation for downstream file transcoding.

But the IMF process is complex. IMF has strict rules for file and metadata creation. The descriptive and dynamic metadata is synchronized to an essence. The media essence, data essence, and dynamic metadata need to be wrapped into well-understood temporal units, called track files using the MXF file specification.

The framework is more viable as a format for final delivery and not as a universal format in the acquisition and post-production processes. The ingestion step of the sources delivered need to be pristine and usable for distribution, respecting file and metadata integrity, and compliance of source files to delivery specification.

Distributors need a trustworthy platform and the right management tools to answer to the challenges of IMF workflows in a simple and profitable way. The challenge is also in the support for legacy assets and their conversion to IMF.

Find out More About IMF::SDK

IMF::SDK: a simple toolkit to generate your IMF compliant media files

The award-winning set of MXF Libraries developed by MOG are now including a set of tools for muxing and de-muxing of IMF media files. Being such a complex process due to IMF strict rules for file and metadata creation, the IMF::SDK is perfect to ease the development and provide finer control on data access and manipulation.

MOG IMF::SDK will ensure developers get the best from IMF applications and workflows, by generating IMF compliant media files.

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