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BrightVR 360 Camera

The revolutionary 360 camera you have been looking for is finally here!

Fitting the palm of your hand, it captures the world around you. Brightly!

The BrightVR 360 camera features real-time stitching and 360 streams up to 4K@30fps. You can stream directly into the web with no additional equipment required while ensuring the maximum quality.

Make sure you are the first in the world to get it!

Pre-Order now and get a 360 live streaming platform, to easily deliver your contents!

The offer includes 100GB Storage | 10TB Traffic | Vizzi Publishing Platform.

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OTT Platform 360

Ready to shoot and share

Control your BrightVR with an intuitive and user-friendly app, that will give you full real-time preview wherever you are.

Capture stills, record to your SD card or stream your contents directly to your youtube account. You can even customize your recordings by adding your own brand logo.


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BrightVR 360 Camera
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