mDECK Densu XTL-2

Compact appliance with support for XDCAM structures. Platform with two nodes that can perform four 3G-SDI channel operations.

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mDECK Densu XTL-2 is the ultimate compact professional media deck appliance to ingest or play FHD video streams from XDCAM structures, directly to HDD or SSD removable drives.

It features a solution with two independent nodes and a redundant power supply.

Each node includes two video inputs and two video outputs of 3G-SDI that can record or play two 3G-SDI channels.


  • Baseband ingest: up to 2 simultaneous records per node
    • Multicamera record
    • Loop record
    • Crash record
    • Schedule record
    • Batch record
  • File playback: up to 2 simultaneous plays per node
    • Composition play
    • Loop playback
    • Instant play
    • Schedule play
    • Remote preview
    • Playlist management
  • All media operations can simultaneously use the local hard-drives
  • Full featured remote and local user interface (including on a touch screen for quick control)
  • Multi-configuration metadata management
  • Option for simultaneous proxy generation (see proxy formats list)​

Live Input

  • SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M)
  • RTMP

Input: File/Structure



  • Removable Disks:
    • HDD 2.5”
    • SSD 2.5”

Output Live

  • SD-SDI
  • HD-SDI
  • RTMP


  • IMX 30/40/50 Mbps
  • MPEG2 LGOP 18/25/35 Mbps 4:2:0
  • MPEG2 LGOP 50/70 Mbps 4:2:2
  • XAVC Intra
    • XAVC Intra 50 / 100 Mbps
  • XAVC Long GOP
    • XAVC LGOP 25 / 35 / 50 Mbps

Proxy Formats

  • Sony Proxy AV (MPEG-4 Part-2) @1.5 Mbps


mDECK Densu XTL-2 Front Panel
mDECK Densu XTL-2 Back Panel

Drive Bay

  • 4x 2,5’’ 7mm
  • Power requirements

  • dual 300W
  • Temperature specifications

  • Storage –40°C to 65°C (–40°F to 149°F); Continuous operation 10°C to 32°C (50°F to 89.6°F)
  • Size & weight

  • 2RU; 245x484x89mm (D,W,H); ~13Kg
  • Packaging

  • 580x380x250mm (D,W,H), ~14Kg
  • What’s in

  • 2x C13 to C14 power cord, USB pendrive with system restore and user manuals
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