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Your production studio wrapped in a compact and portable unit!

Compact Solution Xpress

A fully featured toolset for every step of your production workflow

Includes file-based ingest, video file recorder, universal playback, file conversion, transcoding and video editing storage capabilities in a single platform.

fully featured toolset
small sized facilities

An ideal solution for small sized facilities

With only 24 cm/9.5 in deep, Xpress is the ideal solution for those who need all the performance and flexibility in a much smaller size than the normal broadcast equipment.

A single platform that supports all the major broadcast formats

Ingest of the most diversified formats like P2, SxS, XDCAM, AVCHD, GoPro and, even ingest of 4K (XAVC, AVC-ULTRA).

Supports all the major broadcast formats

Your Ingest Services in a box!

The hardware platform used on the Xpress is flexible and ready to take other third-party tools.

A File-Based Ingest System with Embedded Card Readers

Build your infrastructure for card reader ingest in a very professional and compact way.

Embedded Card Readers

Available Configurations

Xpress 1U

Fully Collaborative Environment

 File Transfer | Capture | Playback 

Xpress 2U

Fully Collaborative Environment

File Transfer | Capture | Playback | Local Storage | Embedded Card Readers


Dr Phil Testimonial
“…mxfSPEEDRAIL has been a great help when it comes to digitizing content. The flexibility of the product, the ability to control it from any workstation using its web interface with video preview makes it a perfect tool to digitize content and keep productivity high by avoiding the need to move between workstation…”
W. Thomas Baird, Director of Engineering, Dr. Phil - The Doctors
TV Polsat Testimonial Quality Control
“By using mxfSPEEDRAIL we can ensure the quality of our mxf files and the full compatibility with all major broadcast formats. The system is very easy to install and completely stable, allowing us to speed up our production processes and save on resources.”
Andrzej Szymanski, Chief of IT/TV Department of Polsat


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