Boosting Virtual Events with Interactive OTT


With the current health concerns and travel restrictions related to COVID-19, a lot of events were canceled.

At the beginning of the confinement, a lot of companies decided that doing virtual events was just posting videos online and there it is an online event. Wrong. That paradigm change, and right now, staying home, no one wants any more videos, people want interaction and to participate in conversations and discussions, face-to-face, even if it is virtual.

The Challenge

With the transition from in-person to virtual events, and the cancellation of big shows like NABShow or IBC, shows where MOG goes every year, we decided that not doing anything wasn’t the solution and just posting videos doesn’t work anymore and so we started working on a solution to continue showcasing our new developments and improvements and solutions, in a unique way.
When we decided we wanted to create a Virtual Event, we knew we had to have “something special” to show, otherwise it would be just another digital event.

The Solution

Building a new and unique video experience

With Vizzi Interactivity, throughout this past year, MOG has been working on innovative solutions that offer different, unique experiences. With an OTT-TV platform that stands out from the crowd, providing distinctive and interactive moments to the consumers, MOG wanted to make sure we had the right tools to present our content in a way that was different from the norm.

With Vizzi Virtual Screen, MOG’s motto was to create the ideal tech tool to make online TV a social and interactive experience. That means developing innovative ways to help companies reaching their online targets. Virtual Events is just one of the many applicability options.

Virtual Screens allows multiple sources of content to be arranged on the screen in almost any way imaginable. With a Virtual Screen, MOG is able to control the “room” where the content will be, meaning that MOG has the power to decide what will be streamed, with the advantage of having the audience seeing the exact same thing, at the same time. A successful OTT platform needs to provide an experience that’ll keep its audience wanting to come back for more.

With the Watch2gether feature, the public can communicate with each other, share media in real-time, presentations, static images, and combine multiple types of media simultaneously, with a simple and intuitive interface.

The core tech is Rooms in which the remote participants have the capability to enjoy a Livestream together, where they’re all synchronized to the same point in the video and see the action at exactly the same time.

Vizzi Virtual Screen gives the possibility to interact with the audience via WebCam or voice, in the virtual rooms. Customers can benefit from a personalized interaction, ask questions, and see it for the first time what they’re interested in. This comes as the perfect solution to host not only virtual events but also internal meetings, one-on-one talk sessions, training, and so on.

MOG Virtual Screen allows multiple sources of content to be arranged on the screen in almost any way imaginable. Administrators can create custom-sized screen overlays to design “composite applications” from available content on any device. That comes as the perfect solution to make available different types of engaging content simultaneously, and give the users the power to pick what they want to see. It’s a much-need shift in control.

Vizzi’s interactive video technologies empower to create hyper-relevant and personalized content that makes it even easier for us to follow up with more relevant material. It’s all about being where the audience is, and today, more than ever, we need to focus on what is relevant for the public. Interactive video is an innovative way to reach online targets and with Vizzi interactive video technologies, we now have the power to create personalized content, right for our audience.

Let’s build something amazing, together.