Automated Ingest with removable e-SATA disks


A broadcaster that had several unilateral facilities and services at the 2012 Summer Games event.

The Challenge

This customer from MOG had a very specific demand: to ensure that video and audio signals were correctly controlled, processed and distributed without any kind of failure or delay. With more than 600 hours of coverage planned, this broadcaster had the need to choose a reliable and solid technology, able to increase performance and speed up ingest, transcode and storage processes. Reducing the Need for Extra Automation Systems.

The Solution

Automated Ingest with removable e-SATA disks

Onsite, MOG has installed 6 mxfSPEEDRAIL F1000 units able to handle ingest from input source Video Servers AVC-I 100, transcoding it into MPEG2 LGOP 70 Mbps on-the-fly. The support for growing files ingest as well as the simultaneous ingest of several files allowed the broadcaster to save time, assigning resources into other essential tasks. Using mxfSPEEDRAIL has reduced the need for extra automation systems, once it included an internal storage supporting 32 hours of AVC-I 100. Putting the 6 systems together, the broadcaster was able to ingest and transcode 192 hours a day, with capability to automatically erase the contents from the internal storage after the processes were completed. Removable e-SATA to Easily Move Contents After this stage, the contents were saved into an e-SATA removable disk that was easily transported into any other venue. This feature presented itself as crucial for MOG customer, as they have the need to easily ship the footage between different geographic areas.

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