Increasing OB Vans flexibility while saving costs


The Customer


Outside Broadcast Vans play a major influence in the coverage of live and outdoor events. They represent a valuable tool for either small or larger broadcasters that need to ensure the coverage of local and onset productions. When well equipped, they can bring a lot of versatility in the workflows in production. With major live events driving demand, OB vans play a major importance in the coverage of Live events in remote places, where it’s difficult to have fixed installations. With events like the Olympics or the World Cup always going around, OB Vans needs to always be on the top of their game, to ensure the highest quality to their productions and material. This type of event requires OB Vans to be ready to the latest developments and trends so they can incorporate those changes and be up to date. One of the biggest goals for the OB Vans is to set up a modern broadcasting complex that will provide TV a good coverage of those events. With the 2020 Olympics coming, OB Vans needs to have an advanced and complete setting allowing the best technical and environmental performances for broadcast operators. To this type of events, OB Vans needs to feature a layout that enables to maximize the space allowing interoperability among the different production areas. To produce images and sounds of all competitions and Ceremonies and to ensure the broadcast efficiency for billions of viewers worldwide to watch, events like the Olympics need to adapt to meet the requirements of new technology. With the new trends arising like IP transmissions over satellite, OB Vans need to update its facilities, while following the market trends. Reducing the rack space inside of an OB, freeing up space for editors and saving on costs and operational time are the primary goals for broadcasters. The demanding for smaller and inexpensive solutions is increasing, so does the need for the broadcast industry to do “more with less” without compromising the final quality of content and although the market progresses, OB vans continue to be an important key, since they enable to work on multiple production using one unique unit.

The main question is, how to equip an OB with future proof equipment able to adapt to the workflow changes?

mxfSPEEDRAIL has been playing an important role when it comes to equip OB vans with the most profit, powerful and cost-effective solutions. The unique mxfSPEEDRAIL technology allows the usage of the most innovative equipment in the smaller space, while using the most efficient automation tools. The German market is an example of how the company has been filling the media gaps from broadcasters, production houses and rental houses. There is a solid customer’s portfolio using mxfSPEEDRAIL in their OB vans. Why? Mostly because mxfSPEEDRAIL solutions are always tailored to meet the specific needs of different workflow environments. One of the most recent channels using MOG technology is, represented in various locations all over German. RT1 is among the leading providers of satellite-based live transmissions in Europe. With full coverage services, the company brings events to life with various equipment of mobile units. To equip these units, was searching for a flexible solution able to quickly automate capture tasks and reduce operating costs. selected mxfSPEEDRAIL mediaREC due to its seamless connectivity, collaborative edition, access to real-time content, support of professional formats and resolutions, ability to capture multiple simultaneous feeds, the generation of real-time proxies and the ability to edit-while-capture. This way MOG central ingest system can help with a profitable and powerful solution, and together adapt their equipment to future costumers, providing quality, above-average services and technical innovation. For MOG, the main factor of success is to understand the potential uses of the OB vans, and provide solutions able to suit customer’s requirements while ensuring the ability to adapt the modular equipment to future changes. Bringing all the broadcaster needs into a central and intuitive interface gets the cost of the equipment down, helps to shrink the unit size and reduces operation costs. Seamless connectivity, collaborative edition and access to real-time content are the key elements that turns mxfSPEEDRAIL in the essential technology to implement in an Outside Broadcast facility. The ability to suit to different formats and resolutions, and to capture multiple feeds from the same event, while using future-proof technology, explains why the German market is an example of how OB vans are significantly increasing their efficiency and decreasing production costs.

The Partner


As a valuable corporate partner, Media Online played an important role while ensuring that MOG correctly understood the customers production needs. Media Online is based in Frankfurt and distributes, installs, manages, trains and supports the integration of systems from the major manufacturers in the market. Media Online can easily adapt to the customer perspective and provide consulting services about the best technologies to implement into its facilities, while guaranteeing the best performance and cost-effective solutions.

Let’s build something amazing, together.