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MOG Unveils its New Brand Identity

The focus on shaping the future of media leads the company to a new positioning


MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, unveiled today a bold and unifying brand identity, reflecting the company's cultural transformation and refined strategy, largely focused on future of digital media.

Over the last 11 years, MOG Technologies has grown as a diverse digital media technology provider. MOG’s rich heritage in central ingest solutions has served as a solid foundation to provide a broader scope of solutions for multiple industries.

MOG’s new aesthetic represents a commitment to innovation and the company's role on shaping the future of media & entertainment with groundbreaking technology that covers the entire media supply chain. With an unmatched foundation of unified, cloud-first media production platforms, MOG’s role is to power the digital transformation across any industry that needs to create, manage, and distribute content while engaging with communities of any size.

“Through the last couple of years, our solutions have been taking new steps into innovating the way we integrate digital media into the broadcast industry.” - said Luís Miguel Sampaio, CEO of MOG Technologies. “We want this rebrand to reflect the evolution of our services and how they became all-inclusive to any company and anyone that works with digital media in some way, shape, or form. This new strategy works alongside our customers to embrace all the steps required to produce and distribute digital media to a global audience.”

The Initial elements of MOG’s brand evolution include:

New Logo: The new approach aims for a timeless and modern style, always ready to adapt to every new development in the media broadcast industry. It all starts with the universal "on" button constructing the "O" and making queue for "M" and "G" to appear. This action shows that MOG is always connected to unifying all the communities on their digital transformation mission. All the lines in the characters never fully connect, but they work together as pieces of a puzzle; reminiscing of the company’s tailor-made virtualized media operations, designed to fit into any industry handling media content.

New Brand Colors: New colors were chosen to push MOG’s brand to the future, while speaking to a broader, forward-thinking audience. The blue and purple gradient conveys a playful and optimistic feeling, but never forgetting its top-tier technology standards.

New Brand Purpose Statement:  Shaping the Future of Media & Entertainment

New Website: Focusing on an intuitive user experience, the new website hosts all the necessary information about MOG’s media operations solutions and consumer stories. It was carefully written and crafted to reach any company in need of media production and distribution services while providing full transparency regarding MOG’s product specs and features.

We got a lot to unveil throughout the year, and we want you to come along for the ride. See you there?




Posted on 2022-12-13


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