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We’re proud to be speakers at the panel “The year of the rise of the Smart OTT” to talk about how, OTT video streaming services are offering business opportunities for the entire media and audiovisual entertainment ecosystem.

The offer, now, it’s not only about the content, but also what goes beyond the OTT platform.

The year 2020 is gearing up for us to witness a fierce dispute for audiences.
In this scenario, the use of professional platforms that offer analytics, business intelligence and machine learning tools
will be fundamental for delivering a more personalized experience, engaging the user and ensuring higher revenues.

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Vizzi – End-to-End OTT Video Platform

Vizzi’s value proposition builds on interactive video technologies as an innovative way to achieve online goals by encouraging user interaction. Vizzi helps you deploy an end-to-end OTT Video Platform with no hassles – from media preparation to distribution.

Engage your audience with multi-content and interactive experiences!

Vizzi counts with a wide-range of technical features designed to keep up with the demand of the new users, focused interactivity and multiple experiences.

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We’re proud to be speaking at this panel to talk about The year of the rise of Smart OTT”

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