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With MOG you get all the resources and technology you need to build an AR Studio infrastructure adapted to any environment.


Why MOG’s Interactive Virtual Studio technology?

We do it all for you.

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From collecting the best technology to fit your requirements and budget to the full project conception, studio design and implementation.

Technology Adaptable to Green Screen or LED Wall

Choose the best solution for your business:

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Green Screen

  • Real-time Processing Power

  • Photorealistic Rendering

  • High-Performance GPU Accelerated Chroma Keyer

  • Camera Tracking and Trackless Virtual Set

Green screen in ARAR

LED Technology

  • Interactive Virtual Studio

  • LED Technology

  • AR Panoramic Simulation

  • High-Quality 3D Models

  • Ultimate Flexibility

Cutting-edge Virtual Reality Features

Seamlessly integrating all the required components:

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Next generation video graphics engine

Benefit from a leading computer graphic and virtual reality technology and from a provider with machine learning and cloud broadcasting expertise.

A next-generation video graphic engine that supports all the main rendering features. The system merges the professional video broadcasting application with a photorealistic rendering engine.

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AR Real Time Rendering
AR Camera Tracking

Camera Tracking

Accurate camera tracking is a fundamental process for realistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions.

With a full 360-degree range of movement, you gain free mobility within any virtual or conventional studio, enabling you to produce the most realistic virtual studio and augmented reality productions.

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LED Screen 

A revolutionary and breakthrough LED solution with high quality and excellent performance.

Flexible solutions, both with HD or Ultra HD video quality to create fantastic imaging landscape via seamless displays.

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LED Screen
LED Lighting

Professional LED Lighting

Professional LED Lighting to ensure the best AR results

Light conditions are a key feature for AR studios. You need to ensure that you get a uniform and efficient light to keep your system resilient and without defects.

MOG professional LEDs are suitable for every environment and provide a professional and high-end lighting, with high brightness, lower power consumption, well heat-dissipation and no noise.

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We adapt to your business by building an interactive virtual studio from scratch or adapting to the existent technology in your facilities.

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We integrate with any third-party system and provide full consultancy and support.






A true one-stop-shop-supplier

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Virtual Reality

MOG is ready to:

  • Build your Virtual and AR Studio from scratch;

  • Integrate with existent technology already deployed in your facility;

  • Provide a range of technology solutions that can fit the most demanding budget;

  • Provide full consultation and project management –  free of headaches or hassles.

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