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How to deliver your service through a Worship Live Streaming 

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Churches, and Houses of Worship, all around the world, had to close doors and lose touch with all their in-person audience. And so, live streaming is the best solution for people to join an event without having to be in the same place. 

Right now is possible to have worship live streaming to an audience of thousands. In the latest years, live streaming businesses have grown, and industries and organizations have been using it in one way or another. Today, the new normal for Houses of Worship is the non-physical delivery of sermons. 

What does that mean? 

With the advancement of modern technology nowadays, there are now Worship Live Streaming services that allow religious institutions to deliver their sermons to the community in any place in the world. 

This concept is increasingly becoming more and more frequent, which means there’s a lot to consider when organizing it. MOG can help you achieve just that. 


One thing is for certain, social media is not what it used to be. It’s easy to stream directly to Facebook Live for example, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, social media is volatile, and its usage might vary depending on what’s trendy at the moment. 

When deciding to live-stream your sermon, think about where it’ll be hosted. If you want to reach a broader public, maybe choose to stream your video on your video platform. 

MOG has a set of end-to-end solutions that can help you improve your live streaming delivery. With MOG Vizzi OTT Platform it’s possible to gather your audience, virtually. Easily capture and distribute live sermons with MOG’s live streaming solutions. 

How does Vizzi work?

Vizzi is an online service that enables you to manage and deliver your videos and engage with your audiences making it an all-in-one solution to publish, distribute, manage and monetize your media content. A powerful, robust, and cost-effectively, end-to-end platform, that combines in one place all the flexible and scalable tools that you need to deliver your content. 

With Vizzi, you benefit from a personalized platform (white-label) that gives you total control of your brand identity.  

Using a set of innovative resources and integrated technologies, VIZZI can help your church to get closer to its public faster and immediately, and of course more safely. Offering multiple engagement tools, Vizzi gives you the possibility to interact with your public right at the moment. 

What can Vizzi offer you?

  • White-label HTML5 video player 
  • Customizable and brandable 
  • Advanced video analytics 
  • Content Management 
  • Compatible with multiple devices and browsers 

Videos on the internet can be shared with just a few clicks, and OTT live streaming can spread your sermons far beyond the community that would typically gather in a room. Live streaming your sermon will reach a broader audience and let you engage with them differently. 

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