How to truly engage with Generation-Z

How to truly engage with Generation-Z
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What makes Generation-Z so special?

Generation-Z is perceived to be different from the previous ones. Being tech-savvy and early adopters of technology, Generation-Z is surely transforming the way everyone is watching television and consuming content.

Generation-Z are digital natives. They were exposed to the internet from their earliest youth, and are used to social networks and mobile systems. They rely on technology advancements and expect them to be present at all times.

The digitally dependent Generation-Z lives surrounded by technologies and media content. The advancement of technology has strongly shaped them: Through smartphones; broadband Internet access at home; or an online connection at school, Generation-Z is the first to grow up with developed ICTs and in a digitalized world. The ICTs are tools for Generation-Z, defining the way they understand the world around them: how they learn to communicate and influence their relationship with modern technologies. 

Generation-Z is used to have several screens and platforms at their disposal, quickly adopting new technologies and tools. They are on multiple platforms, always globally connected and engaged. They like to interact through media and the virtual world is a natural environment for them.

The best way to reach Gen Z is…

Generation-Z is known for being the most visual generation of all times. That is the reason brands are now delivering their messages through videos and anything that can be considered dynamic and interactive. 

Visual experiences are taking over the digital world and video has come to rule the social media scene. Not only the Generation-Z likes to watch videos, but they also prefer to watch them together. Virtually together, there is. 

But how can they do that?

OTT platforms are the answer. Users, like Generation-Z, can now watch video content with friends and family in one single digital space, simultaneously. While watching, they can see, hear and talk with each other during the live broadcast, even if miles apart. 

Enabling in-person interaction, while still focus on the “action”, makes watching a more social and engaging experience for them. OTT subscribers are now able to share their emotions with friends or family without taking their eyes off the transmission. 

Enters MOG

Using the latest technology, we are continually making developments in the OTT platform field

Our purpose is to offer to your subscribers, Generation-Z a platform with the best and demanded improvements that will allow your video platform to respond to Generation-Z current demands and wants. 

VIZZI is an online service that allows you to manage and deliver your videos to engage with your audiences. You can define when it goes online and manage your audience and monetization strategies. User experience analytics can help you to improve your content quality.

Vizzi provides immediate VoD and Live Events to the eager audiences by mixing the most advanced technologies like IoT, VR, Multiple Viewers and Social Media Interaction on a single, flexible and connected platform. The goal is to gather the most important features and support the future interactive TV that will fulfill the needs of the Generation-Z. 

With that being said… let’s bring the facts: 

Fact #1: Generation-Z was born digital. They are the first global generation to be always connected;

Fact #2: Generation-Z has grown up virtually. They cannot live without the internet;

Fact #3: Generation-Z is a visual generation. They spend most of the time watching videos;

Fact #4Generation-Z communicate with image visual content;

Fact #5: Generation-Z wants to be able to share experiences with each other;

Fact #6: Enter new technologies;

Fact #7: Generation-Z can now watch live broadcast together. No matter how far away they are from each other;

Fact #8: OTT platforms enhance the possibility of a new viewing experience;

Fact #9: VIZZI helps you empower your audience with a highly personalized Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand platform;

Fact #10: VIZZI gives you interactive technology, from start to finish. From media preparation to distribution.

MOG created a platform where Generation-Z can now share, play, connect and transform all kinds of content into truthful virtual experiences. This ultimate technology will lead Generation-Z to deeper engagement, greater knowledge, immersive environments, and expected behaviors.

We will be talking about Generation-Z, OTT platforms and more at Nextv Series | Mexico. Join us!

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