MAM4PRO | Gang Record

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We have new product features to share with you:

MAM4PRO – Gang Record

Gang recording allows you to capture different input channels synchronized, applying to them the same workflow, timecode, locators, and metadata.

See below how simple it is to set up a gang recording scenario

Navigate to the INPUT/OUTPUT menu and add your input channels like the examples below.

Stream 1

Stream 2

Configure your recording workflow and ensure that an XML file will be generated and that it will be stored in the same location where the asset will be sent.

Workflow Profiles > Output tab

Workflow Profiles > Asset Management tab

From here it is already possible to start recording in a group. To do this, go to the Dashboard and configure a modular player for each input channel previously configured.

Add to your dashboard the widgets “Locators”, “Metadata” and “Gang Capture” and select in the widget “Gang Capture” which channels will be recorded in a gang.

Also in the widget “Gang capture” select among the channels, which will be the timecode reference. To do this, just click on the timer icon of the chosen channel.

In the same widget, click the workflow button to select the workflow configured above.

Note that the “Metadata” widget will show the fields to be filled in for recording. The inserted metadata will be added to all assets resulting from the gang capture.

In the “Locators” widget, select in the lower-left corner which locator preset you will use during recording and on the right choose the player that will receive the locator tag. In the case of recording in a gang, choose the option “Send to Gang” so that the locator is added simultaneously in all assets, or select the player so that the locator is added in only one of them.

After that, in the widget “Gang Capture”, click on the Record button to start recording the channels simultaneously and insert the locators just by clicking on them.

MAM4PRO is available in different models, including a Standard (Dell-based) Quad channel version, a Grand (also Dell-based) 4K Quad-channel version, and a Densu (Xpress-based) Dual or Quad channel version.

Want to see it in action?

Book a demo below and we’ll be in touch soon with your preferred day and time. 👇

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