New MAM4PRO Feature: Locators and Comments (Markers)

Posted on 2020-09-29 by

We are really excited to talk about a new feature implemented on MAM4PRO.

Markers can play a crucial role in your production workflow. Why you may ask? It’s simple? Markers help you know how the whole project is going, at what stage you may be, what you need yet to fix, or what you need to review.

Tracking revisions that have been made by your weeks ago and now you don’t remember, or to simply show the changes you’ve been making during the editing process, with markers you’ll easily manage your time by seeing what was done and what was done and what might still need completion.

This also applies to a collaborative editing environment. When working on a collaborative environment, having the possibility to leave comments will help you communicate with colleagues, leaving notes, giving reviews, and even receive feedback from other users.

Let’s talk about MOG…

When applied on MAM4PRO, this widget consists of two tabs. Each one with different ways to make/take notes about the video. As the name suggest, one is to describe events that took place in a certain time code (Locators) and the other is to make more general comments and to receive feedback from other users.

Let’s discover them:

Locators Source:
The purpose of this tab in the widget is to inform the see-through flags where an event has occurred.

  • Scenario

If we need to know where in the timeline of a video, a goal was scored or has received a yellow card, using the flags called “Locators” will make the search easier.

In addition, if the user has a player widget on the dashboard, they be flagged on the timeline.

Locators Functionalities:

  1. Edit the color – the user can change the color of the locator already created. To do this, just click on the color and select the new one.

2. Edit the description – you can update the description that was inserted in the locator. You just need to click on the previous one and write the new one.

3. Edit the timecode – you were able to edit the locator’s timecode with the current one being displayed on the player widget, to do so, just click on the icon that is referred to in the image below.

Alternatively, it can be manually edited:

4. Seek to locator in player – you can reproduce the asset from the locator’s timecode.

Let’s now find more about the Comments functionality:

The purpose of this tab is to make comments about the asset and share opinions about it with other users, and we can also receive responses from them to our comments.

  • Scenario

What does Comments entails?

  1. Edit a comment – only creators of comments can edit them. For this it is quite simple just click on the icon that the image highlights below.

2. Reply to a comment – to share an idea or opinion about a comment we can make several responses to it.

3. Edit or delete a reply – as with comments, here too only creators can interact with the replies.

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