mediaMOVE | Enable DRM protected content

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We have a new mediaMOVE feature to share with you:

mediaMOVE | Enable DRM Protected Content

mediaMOVE is now able to package videos with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection.

When ingesting with DRM configured, your content will be made available to your content provider with protection and your business rules guaranteed.

• Protect your content;

• Content management autonomy;

• Control how viewers can consume your content.

Here’s how to set up your workflow with DRM Protected Content!

First, you need to configure your digital rights provider. To do this, navigate to the newly added “Setup > Digital Rights” menu.

Create a new Ingest Workflow, like this one.

In this workflow, you need to configure your instance for asset management, as shown in the image below.

Then, select your previously created DRM provider.

If applicable, select a streaming wrapping library.

On the Dashboard, choose the asset you want to ingest and select the workflow you created on the “Job Control” widget.

After running the workflow, access your content platform and play the ingested video.

mediaMOVE is available in different models, including a Software or Kit version, a Standard (Dell-based) Quad operation version, a Grand (also Dell-based) 4K Quad operation version, and a Densu (Xpress-based) Dual or Quad Operation version.

Want to see it in action?

Book a demo below and we’ll be in touch soon with your preferred day and time. 👇

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