MAM4PRO mediaPAM | New Search Engine and Tag Management

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We have new product features to share with you:

mediaPAM – New Search Engine and Tag Management

A PAM system allows editors and post-production teams to find, manage, and track media files throughout the creation process, thus providing an optimized organization of all media files for the production workflow.

With mediaPAM, MAM4PRO can now deal with a large number of media assets and handle them on the fly, thus allowing for a much easier and faster job for any media production team.

And now mediaPAM has a new asset search engine that lets you manage your asset tags.


Search asset by name, metadata field, locator, tag, type, processed, status, availability, duration, and creation date;

Use multiple queries at the same time;

Add, edit, and delete your asset tags.

Here’s how it works:

New search engine

In the “Asset Explorer” widget, you can now search for assets by their metadata or technical file information and even combine different information to refine the search.

For example, let’s say you want to search for assets by name, availability, and a specific creation date range. First, click on “Add new filter” and select “Name” on the open list.

Enter the text you want to search for in the “Value” field.

Note that at each insertion of a new filter, assets are already filtered.

To add another filter, just click again on “Add new filter” and now select the “Availability” option:

Let’s search for assets that are different from “Offline”. To do this, click on the equal signal and then on the “Not equal” option:

Now, click on the “Value” field and select the “Offline” option:

To search for the creation date, repeat the steps above, but select the “Create Date” option.

To select the date, you can type or click on the calendar icon (on the right) and select the dates from the range to be searched:

To edit any filter, click on the desired field and change its value.

Manage tags

Managing tags is even easier than filtering assets. To do this, select an asset in the “Asset Explorer” widget and add the “Metadata” widget to your dashboard.

At the end of the “Source” tab, you can see the tags of that selected asset:

To add a new tag, click on the “Add” button. To edit, click on the text tag and edit them.

And to delete one tag, click on the “Delete” button.

Want to see it in action?

Book a demo below and we’ll be in touch soon with your preferred day and time. 👇

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