OTT: A New Smart, Immersive and Inventive World.

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Emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Robotics, and many others are changing the consumer experience and how companies operate.  

We are now in a new Technological Revolution – what has been called the 4th Industrial Revolution – that is moving from mobile computing towards immersive and intelligent computing.  

The advances and innovations made so far are shaping our lives in this modern era. Machines are overcoming Humans in the most diverse areas with high-level precision.   Opportunities for growth increase by telecommunications and technology are huge. With the 5G implementation, it’s important to adopt technologies that monetize and maximize their benefits.  

Mobile connectivity already plays a critical role in enabling M2M connectivity. 

The omnipresence of connectivity enabled by wireless networks will improve collaboration, partnership, and interoperability among many sectoral stakeholders and will be very important to accelerate the digital transformation. 

Connecting devices in a seamless, automated environment will open the doors to multiple data and, by using them with the right view and content, it will extend the reach of services in a multitude of ways. The future looks bright for sectors as we look to the adoption of new technologies that promise to achieve the goal of greater socioeconomic development. 

The concept of “Intelligent Connectivity” and “Immersive World” will earn benefits for society by revolutionizing the way essential services are provided to our consumers.

High-speed wireless connectivity with AR/VR Apps, autonomous vehicles, personalization based on consumer preferences, access to continuous health monitoring through IoT and Smart Cities devices and buildings are some of the exciting and innovative services that will pave the way for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

The connected smart network will leverage and combine the data collected through IoT with deep learning algorithms to boost productivity, improve decision-making, and enable automation across all sectors. 

If you want to positively impact the way people live daily, with cutting-edge technologies that drive the digital economy, give iPlay on your Business, and come talk to MOG Technologies now!  

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