Top 5 reasons to start your online video streaming business

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Online Video Streaming Business

Online Video Streaming Businesses are ruling the internet with the incredible growth of OTT platforms. Current viewers demand interactive and rich video experiences and you need to adapt your digital business to keep your audience engaged while monetizing your content. There are plenty of reasons to build an online streaming business, but we selected the top 5. 

Why live streaming video?

When looking at stats we see that:

  • 80% of buyers would watch live video from a brand than read a blog;
  • Viewers spend 8x longer with live video that on-demand content;
  • 45% of live video users are ready to pay for live content;
  • 76% of live video viewers are more likely to purchase after watching a live broadcast that includes products and services.

1. Live streaming is on the rise and continues to grow every day

Audiences are more dedicated to watching live streaming video content, and are willing to pay for it. 

2. The potential to reach new customers with the click of a button is huge

Online video streaming is one of the most effective ways to connect with an audience.

3. It increases brand reputation and promotes a greater engagement

Your brand awareness and reputation will highly benefit from a live streaming business.

4. Provide total freedom to define your own business model

With a video live streaming business, you will define your own strategy.

5. Provides valuable insights to improve consumers experience

A well-structured live streaming video business allows you to collect data from your viewers.

How to lift off your live video streaming business?

If you are thinking about starting your online video streaming business by now, you need to have a few things in consideration:

1. Plan your content

You need to define your target and make sure is defined based on your market niche.

2. Support Multiple Devices

Make sure that your platform encoder is fully compatible with multiple video resolutions and bitrates.

3. Video Hosting

Choose whether you want to host your contents on-cloud or on-premises, or even match between both.

4. Global Distribution

A powerful CDN will ensure that your viewers will not experience any latency or failures when watching your contents.

5. Choose the ideal partner

Choose a flexible and scalable option and choose one that allows you to pay only for the service you use. 

The success of giant players like Netflix, HBO, Hulu and others inspire you to move forward, but the general feeling may be that building a live video streaming business is too complex and expensive.

Nowadays, it isn’t only about the content that you have in your OTT platform, is also about the experience that the platform provides to the public. 

VIZZI, an end-to-end OTT Video Platform

From media preparation to distribution

vizzi end to end how does it work

VIZZI is a powerful, robust and cost-effectively, end-to-end video platform that combines in one place all the flexible and scalable tools that Media Companies, Broadcasters, Mobile service providers, Telecoms, ISP’s and Pay TV operators need, for the dynamic delivery of Live TV and VOD services, across any IP-based device, deployed on the cloud, on premises or using a hybrid architecture.

VIZZI Next Generation TV Everywhere & OTT Video Platform comes with a full suite of service management tools to empower your business with full control, while boosting your revenues and maximizing the return on your technology and content investments. 

VIZZI includes everything you need for content acquisition and ingest, asset management, publishing, user management, monetization, advertising, reporting, and analytics, all built in-house and pre-integrated to bring you unique platform features for a quick time-to-market and efficient operations. With VIZZI, you can expect your TV and Video business to grow, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

OTT Headend and CDN Delivery

One single system to perform all operations


MOG counts with years of experience and proven technology on the delivery of linear and non-linear post-production workflows. 

There is a lot of aspects to consider when creating a live streaming platform, and VIZZI OTT Headend comes as the perfect solution to help you prepare your media so you can reach more people.

Additionally, you’ll benefit from a top-tier CDN integration, so you can securely deliver your content anywhere.

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