Building an OTT Infrastructure – What Happens When You Press Play?

Posted on 2020-10-26 by
ott infrastucture

Nowadays, the digital world is moved by the content and more and more people are willing to pay for OTT and to consume video, which also means that consumers are more demanding, and expect a higher digital experience.

The success of your digital OTT video platform will reflect in the way the ott infrastructure is built. The goal is to diversify content and monetize it smartly.

From subscriptions that proposes to subscription proposals, to partnerships with Amazon or ROKU for distribution, it is essential to have the right infrastructure to ensure that you can control the destination of your content.

So, if you’re already in the business and deal with the content distribution you may already know the dilemma many organizations face to answer multiple demands from the development team when building an ott infrastructure.

 Here are some questions you should consider:

  • Can we distribute content in all channels through a single platform?
  • Can we choose when and how multiple ads will be displayed on my videos?
  • How can we gather data without using external platforms or services?
  • Can I pick the ideal monetization strategy, and change it accordingly?

Those are just some of the many emerging questions that might appear when creating a video platform from scratch. And although the digital video scene is more complex than ever, your infrastructure and business model does not have to be.

There are platforms, processes, and even protocols that can optimize and accelerate your capacity to offer video experiences in the most efficient way, across multiple channels, apps, and devices.

So, when designing your own OTT platform, consider what’s beyond the final experience:

  • Management;
  • Distribution;
  • Monetization.

Building your own OTT-TV Platform does not need to be expensive and time-consuming

See below how you can get your video content ready to market, with Vizzi:

Meet Vizzi

Vizzi is a complete management and distribution OTT-TV Platform, that gathers all the digital video distribution need in a single platform.

With Vizzi, you get an online service that enables you to manage and deliver your videos and engage with your audiences. Define any monetization strategy and benefit from the most detailed and accessible analytics to build and retain audiences.

Vizzi covers every step of your OTT & tv everywhere workflow. Content acquisition and ingest, asset management, publishing, user management, monetization, advertising, reporting, analytics, all built in-house, and pre-integrated to bring you unique platform features for a quick time-to-market and efficient operations.

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