Production Asset Management – Simplify and Accelerate your Entire Media Production Workflow

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production asset management

Today, we’re going to talk about Production Asset Management and how you may need a new PAM system.  

As technologies evolve, creative teams need to optimize their operations, resources, and production, and the Media & Entertainment industry needs to follow this new media production context. For that, one of the most important things when operating in production and post-production is having the capability to simplify and accelerate the entire media production workflow, without compromising its quality.

Production Asset Management – What is it?

Production Asset Management or just PAM, as the name indicates, was designed to facilitate the multiple processes and steps that exist in a media production workflow. A PAM system focuses primarily on increases the efficiency of multiple production environments via services and features that manage and track media throughout the whole content creation process. A PAM system making it easier and more efficient to organize, store, control, track, categorize and revise digital media assets, usually with a single and unified GUI.

So… Do you need a PAM system?

A PAM system allows editors and post-production teams to find, manage, and track media files throughout the creation process, thus providing an optimized organization of all media files for the production workflow.  

Finding and tracking media when working with a lot of files may be difficult, but when you have an asset management infrastructure to facilitate that search, it simplifies the job at hand. A PAM system helps creative teams to automate and improve their collaboration and therefore allowing for the whole project to move faster.  

So, if you are dealing with multiple media files, constantly changing the assets, or need to archive those files, you may want to start thinking about acquiring a PAM system. 

mediaPAM – The right fit for your production environment

MAM4PRO puts together a set of micro-services that supports media asset management and performs all the tasks mentioned above in a single platform.  

When applied to MAM4PRO, MOG’s PAM system allows you to deal with a large number of media assets, enabling on-the-fly control of all activities. MAM4PRO’s Production Asset Management adjusts the production environment to meet your needs, providing tools that give users control over the entire process in a single unified dashboard. 

Additionally, mediaPAM can be smoothly integrated into a complete end-to-end production workflow, as MAM4PRO can perform multiple media operations on the cloud, from recording to transcoding and streaming.

mediaPAM Main Benefits

  • Instant play, anytime and anywhere of any asset (with or without  proxy);  
  • User abstraction for in/out assets; 
  • Find immediately and learn everything about any asset; 
  • Enable on-the-fly tagging; 
  • Rich logging workflows; 
  • Flexible metadata management; 
  • Interactive approval workflows; 
  • User profile management. 

MAM4PRO gathers a set of micro-services that are fully adapted to your specific needs and workflows.  

Contact MOG today and we’ll answer any questions you might have and help you get started with our video production and management needs.

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