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This is not a new subject. For over the last few years, businesses all around the world have been discussing the growth of remote work as the logical consequence of globalization and virtualization, and the Media and Broadcast Industry is no exception. 

Every year new technologies are being developed to facilitate and simplify production infrastructures to keep up with the high demand for content distribution. To stay relevant, producers need to deliver content at a fast pace, everywhere, and adopt new business models so their audience will not abandon them, and this is more apparent now in these significant times!

 As we are living a time of uncertainty, and more media organizations enforce home working, the hasten transition to remote production is to be expected sooner than we thought. MOG is committed to helping our customers continue delivering innovative content while keeping up with their production needs during these unprecedented times. Our products and services are focused on allowing businesses to continue operating seamlessly and without interruptions, by virtualizing standard local media operations to the Cloud.

We strongly believe this move to Remote Production will be a game-changer for broadcasters and content producers.

What are the benefits of Remote Production?

How can this be done?

As a cloud-native company, MOG offers a wide range of solutions to guarantee that you can keep your production workflows running smoothly. You can run your media operations on the cloud with MAM4PRO, while gathering data from your assets and processes for a better decision-making.

With MAM4PRO, users, applications and equipment don’t need to be in the same specific location to collaborate. Applications and equipment can be shared live between all those who need them.

Media Operations tasks like Record, Ingest, Play, Stream, Encode, Transcode or Decode usually performed by dedicated boxes, can now be replaced by virtual operations running on a computer farm.

This technology has seen significant growth in implementation in other markets over the last few years, and it is now time for the Broadcast and Media Industry to take advantage of it, to maximize production on multiple operations.

MAM4PRO software offers broadcasters and production houses an end-to-end solution for at-home production that supports fully distributed production workflows in an available Cloud infrastructure, fully adapted to the customers’ security and privacy needs.

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