MAM4PRO New Feature: Screen Recording

Posted on 2020-09-16 by

Today, we introduce you to a new implementation on MAM4PRO.

Now more than ever, multiples industries have been showing the growing need to record a large array of different conference calls, software, and platforms in a quick and efficient way, without losing quality. Due to the difficulty to perform this action, it was established that the Screen Recording feature should be included in the software.

What was developed?

To achieve this purpose, we implemented a standalone application that can be installed in any machine and streams the captured screen as an NDI® stream, that can be captured and recorded by a MAM4PRO server. In this setup, it’s possible to capture the desired screen that is being performed in a workstation and then capture and record it with a MAM4PRO server located in the same network. 

What does it do?

  • Screen Recording Proxy: A portable application, developed to stream the captured screen as an NDI® stream.  This NDI stream can be received by any standard NDI® receiver, including MAM4PRO. 
  • Implemented features: capture and stream a specific window or a specific monitor. It also captures the audio being outputted at the moment.

How does it work?

Bellow you can learn some of the features that Screen Recording features has:

A) Window Capture

When expanding the Windows dropdown, a list of windows appears. A window must be selected from the list, to start a new capture and streaming session.


Once the windows is selected, the capture start immediately and a preview of the selected window will appear.

B) Full Screen Capture

When expanding the Monitors dropdown, a list of available monitors appears. A monitor must be selected from the list to start a new capture and streaming session. 

The primary monitor is labelled (primary) in the list.

Once the windows is selected, the capture starts immediately and a preview of the selected monitor will appear. 

C) NDI Streaming

The NDI stream name can be configured by editing the text box in the left bottom corner. 


This field can only be changed before a new capture starts.

D) Installation

Screen Recording Proxy can be installed through the MAM4PRO installer, as a standalone app or side-by-side with MAM4PRO.

E) Integration with MAM4PRO

If the MAM4PRO server and the Screen Recording Proxy are located in the same network, the MAM4PRO NDI discovery will be able to detect the NDI streaming from Screen Recording Proxy.

If you’re interested in this feature or would like a demo of MAM4PRO and its full functionalities, book a demo below!

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