Skype Capture Via NDI

Posted on 2021-02-4 by

It is now possible to do a Skype Capture via NDI directly on MAM4PRO. 

This development came as a spontaneous need from our customers to record skype meetings in an already existing MAM4PRO workflow, so operations would be centralized. It was decided that due to the already existing integration of NDI® format on MAM4PRO, the capture would be done with NewTek’s NDI® protocol.

Below you’ll find the steps necessary to configure the Skype Capture via NDI® on the MAM4PRO web UI: 

1. Install Skype Desktop ( at your server 

2. Install Newtek NDI® tools (

First, check your version. Click on the avatar icon upper left in the UI. This opens an information panel, with a scroll bar on the right. Scroll to the bottom and click the About option. The About panel will open, and just below the Skype icon the version number will be available. This needs to be anything from and up. 

To enable Skype for creators during or before a call: 

3. Select your profile picture, then select Settings

4. Select Calls and then select Advanced

5. Enable/ Disable Allow use of NDI (on or off)

6. Create a conf call with multiple persons 

7. Open Studio Monitor to monitoring NDI STREAM and right click at mouse and select 

7.1. Now you will be able to see the cams of the meeting participants 

8. Go to MAM4PRO and create a new stream input location with the same NDI stream

9. Go to Player and configure it to receive this stream NDI 

10. Now ask the meeting participants to speak one after the other without overlapping 

11. Verify the Player, all participants will appear on the monitor as soon as they start speaking. 

Participant 1: 

Participant 2:

Participant 3:

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