Remote Production and its important role in 2021

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Remote Production is already a viable key to the Broadcast and Media Industry 

And it’s quickly expanding to other markets as well. 

When we introduced the theme “Remote Production” and “Virtualization” early last year, we didn’t expect it to quickly become the norm and such a frequent request in our business inquiries. We believed it would take professionals some time to adapt and adjust to this emerging technology, but much to our surprise (and excitement!), the general feedback was that it was time, and what were the next steps to migration. 

With the pandemic, the demand for remote production solutions has increased dramatically, and we are now seeing a change in the way we produce and distribute content now. The concept of covering real-time events, without needing to leave the safety of our locations, quickly became a reality and the challenge was to keep up with the demand and avoid disruption. Firstly, it was important to ensure faster, low latency, and most importantly, cost-effective IP networks, so productions could reduce their on-site presence and move the traditional broadcast roles to a centralized location.   

The IP Differential 

We covered a few in our previous article. Remote production offers a cost-effective way to deliver live content, without needing to travel your whole team or use dedicated equipment for each specific media operation (ingest, transcoding, streaming, and even file transfer, to name a few). Not only that come in hand for producers but also ensures broadcast-quality content to be delivered anywhere, in a collaborative infrastructure around the globe. Remote production helps you maximize your production workflow, as the IP technology provides high-speed and quality media transport. 

In a nutshell, remote production allows you to spend less money while doing better usage of your resources. 

We are seeing increasing demand in multiple industries, that goes from film, television, and video professionals to Corporate, Educational, Cultural or Industrial businesses, which accelerated the need for adequate remote production to fit multiple workflows requirements, budgets, and resources during the pandemic.  

Taking media broadcast operations to the cloud 

In 2020, MOG continued to provide virtualized media production solutions to our customers, while ensuring that the transition from on-site production to remote production was smooth every step of the way.  

A Cloud-based workflow platform such as MAM4PRO was designed to allow content producers to access, transform and manage their content in a collaborative environment, with no geographical limitations. Teams are able to centrally manage their resources, instead of supporting individual equipment at every location, thus massively saving in operational costs

MAM4PRO offers many perks: 

  • Virtualization: Manage and execute all media operations with a single web-based GUI, and access all the resources you need on-the-fly, without flexibility to scale as needed; 
  • Produce over NDI: easily send and receive multiple channels of broadcast-quality, low latency video, in NDI over an existing Gigabit Ethernet Network. 
  • Produce over IP: build an IP-based workflow with high flexibility, reduced costs, and scalability in your production environment. 
  • On-Prem or Cloud Deploy: Choose what’s the best deployment for your infrastructure, either completely on your premises, or on the Cloud (public, private, or hybrid). 

MAM4PRO – A Digital Media Production Platform 

MAM4PRO ensures that your production workflows are running smoothly, without any interruptions, no matter where you’re working from or how many users are collaborating.  

Throughout the year, MOG has been upgrading the MAM4PRO platform, offering its users a powerful and dynamic experience

To meet some of the needs our customers had, MOG has developed some features and improvements in MAM4PRO. Click on the links below for a deep insight into those new features: 

Considered as a simplified and flexible infrastructure for media professionals to perform their daily operational tasks remotely, MAM4PRO is a single and user-friendly interface, that gives the professionals the capability to perform their tasks, intuitively. 

Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective remote production solution?

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