The ultimate guide for a successful Live Streaming in 2021

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The ultimate guide for a successful Live Streaming in 2021

The impact of Live Streaming today

As time passes by live streaming is becoming an even more valuable tool for brand awareness, event dissemination, a gateway for news, and more. Applications are endless. Video is now one of the most powerful tools to communicate, and we’re seeing a massive growth of technologies around it, all aiming to benefit from a trend that is not showing signals to go away anytime soon. It’s fair to say that live streaming has become the “it” channel to follow and invest in.

No matter the industry you’re in – Broadcasting, Publishing, News, Sports, Education, Gaming (just to name a few!) – you probably, at some point, felt the need to expand your reach beyond traditional channels, and engage in a more personal and interactive relationship with your viewers.

The takeaway? The increasing accessibility of faster internet connection and professional streaming platforms able to distribute to multiple devices has turned live streaming into a booming industry. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some considerations to producing a successful live stream, and its advantage. What’s your gain?

The prospective in live streaming is growing as days go by and brands are taking advantage of it. Video is now the main part of the communication of a brand, or a company and Live Streaming platforms offer a variety of benefits:

  • Audience growth – Reach more people everywhere and increase your viewer’s count. Live Stream can make your content accessible to people from a wide variety of scenarios since your content will be available across multiple screens;
  • Content – Any theme is apt to be talked about. There’s an infinitude of topics to cover, and you can do it in many forms, including multimedia, text, audio, infographics, and more;
  • Costs – Reduce costs. If you’re hosting events or conferences, there’s no need to book a venue. You can stream your live event from the comfort of your home or your office, and there’s no need to limit the number of invitations.
  • Engagement – Increase your reach. Create a more personal experience for old customers and adapt your strategy to meet new potential clients.

Strive for quality 

For a successful Live Streaming, here are a few things to consider:

  • Video and audio equipment – Image quality it’s perhaps the most important part of live content distribution, and viewers are willing to pay more for a better image and sound quality. Having the appropriate equipment for content acquisition, and the capability to transcode it to the ideal distribution format is rule number one, and it should not be ignored.
  • Software encoding and on-the-fly editing – An encoder will support you in giving users the ability to deliver high-quality streaming, so make sure that your platform encoder is fully compatible with multiple video resolutions and bitrates.
  • Internet connection – Remember that the higher the quality of your video, the more upload speed you’ll need so make sure your internet runs fast.
  • Engagement – a lot of businesses are doing the same that you are. Before deciding to start streaming your content, make sure that your message, your goals, and your audience’s needs are clear and relevant. When streaming, make sure that your content is as interactive as possible, to keep them interested in your conversation.
  • A good streaming platform – choose a flexible and scalable platform, able to offer the right tools that you need.
  • Promote your stream – make sure that people are aware of the live stream. Create a landing page that contains the subsect of the stream, the day and time, and of course a registration form. Send some e-mail with reminders and some extra information.
  • Social media Integration – turn your video into a conversation, allowing your public to share comments in real-time.

How can MOG help?

MOG has a set of solutions that can help you prepare your live event, from media acquisition (satellite, cable, or fiber), to media preparation, where you can perform any media operations (capture, record, ingest, play, transcoding, encoding, and more), manage your own OTT platform (from content to copyrights, and of course, choosing the best monetization model) and finally, distribute your content to anyone, everywhere.

Why Vizzi?

MOG offers you an end-to-end live streaming platform solution with Vizzi OTT TV Platform. Create high-quality streaming content, and deliver it to any device, anywhere.

Vizzi covers every step of your OTT workflow, from content acquisition to distribution, you can have a unique platform, full of interactive tools to make your content even more exciting to your public. With Vizzi you can:

  • Publish: ingest your media and deliver it with high-quality across all screens on any transport network;
  • Manage: add, manage and customize all you need with an intuitive and simplified interface;
  • Monetize: multiple monetization models that fit your business strategy

MOG’s OTT platform reunites a set of features and resources that will make your brand stand out from the crowd:

  • An infrastructure that provides total global reach while ensuring full security;
  • Flexible with any device: iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and much more;
  • Personalized Frontend: white label template – customize with your logo, colors, and brand it your way
  • Interactive tools: engaging features that will provide your public with a dynamic and exciting experience.

Live Streaming is an amazing opportunity for brands and organizations to grow their presence online and to reach more public, in a digital way!

Reach out to us to know more about Vizzi and how we can help you set up your own OTT Live Streaming Platform

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