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Digital natives live and breathe digital media. Their attention spans are, let’s say, economical, and their proclivity towards spending time on a single piece of content or a single platform for extended periods is low.

Their lives are built around many different digital platforms and contents, not just yours, and they’re quick to adopt new ones too. They don’t feel any sense of loyalty to one or another platform and are perfectly content dancing across several, often in rapid succession.

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Viewers want to interact and to have the ultimate control over the content they are watching. The future technologies need to make sure your audience chooses their own adventure—providing a personalized journey that will keep them engaged with you from the start.

From interactive quizzes to shoppable videos, Vizzi’s technology, enables you to create increasingly engaging triggers between your content and your audiences’ mediums and demands.

If we’re talking about ecommerce, you can increase conversion, by incorporating Add-to-cart functionality to your content and powerful calls-to-action.

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Tailoring your content to where your prospect or customer is in their buying journey is, as we know, crucial to your business success. After all, your audience has a wide array of content options available to them—and they’ll choose to consume the assets that best meet their specific interests and needs.

If your content doesn’t resonate well with your audience, they’ll abandon it instantly. Thankfully, Vizzi’s interactive video technologies empowers you to create hyper-relevant and personalized content that makes it even easier for you to follow up with more relevant material.

It’s all about being where your audience is, and today, they’re everywhere, doing everything.

Let´s discuss your interactivity style, shall we?

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