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At IBC, MOG will be showcasing:

Breaking boundaries in 360 / VR production

At IBC, MOG will be showcasing the new BrightVR – a 360 camera that promises to ease the capture of 360 contents with innovative features such as auto-stitching, 4K/6K support, direct preview, on-the-fly streaming, and Ambisonic 3D Sound. MOG will be also presenting its latest VR Home System – VizziVR, that easily delivers VR content to the viewer’s through the traditional devices (namely the TV) and/or all-in-one 360 headsets, completing the delivery with OTT technology that fully supports 360 contents.

Video rendering for AR production

Focused on the goal of building entire end-to-end solutions, MOG will be showcasing how it can help media companies to build a virtual interactive production studio with outstanding real time processing power and photorealistic rendering, as well as camera tracking and trackless virtual set.

A single UX for your complete production workflow!

IABM “Design and Innovation Awards 2017” Finalist – SKYWATCH is an enterprise platform that allows to supervise, control, and manage your complete production workflow.

Tailored to the customer environment, it provides to media users and managers the tool they need to get the stats on productivity, availability, and efficiency of production resources helping them on decision making. It can operate a completely integrated set of production modules and manage multiple ingest points simultaneously, controlled by a single user.

Reduce your Ingest Time and free your team to do creative work!

If you are not yet familiar with MOG´s centralized ingest solutions, you should! mxfSPEEDRAIL is a high quality central ingest system platform that transfers material between editors, devices, servers and folders. With mxfSPEEDRAIL, you can reduce the amount of time you take to ingest by a factor of  4 or even more.

Monetize . Manage . Engage

Launch your OTT platform and keep your business growing by adding more platforms as you go. Get all the tools you need to keep your viewers engaged. Install it on the cloud or at your own premises and stop paying and enormous monthly fee.

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Join us at 7.G30!

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 September 15-19, 2017 . RAI Exhibition Center