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Dear customers and partners, The last few days have been surrounded by some uncertainties and hesitations. As we all know, we are now managing our lives around the reality of the global spread of COVID-19. I would like to personally reach out to assure you of MOG’s full commitment to the continuity of our services […]

Join us at Avid Connect 2020

join us at avid connect

Join us at the #AvidConnect Once again, this year, MOG will be attending the Avid Connect annual gathering, where we will have the exciting opportunity to collaborate and discuss new ideas and perspectives with industry leaders, technologists and creatives.  Join us to know how we are keeping up with the increasing production speed, understand how […]

MOG Partners with Simplyworks

mog partners with simplyworks

MOG Technologies, worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for broadcasters and professional media, announces today a new partnership with Simplyworks in the Middle East and Europe region. SimplyWorks plays an important role in these areas, by bringing technical expertise to answer to customer’s challenges while offering excellent high-profile project insights. By joining forces with MOG, customers […]

MOG will continue developing IP-Live Workflows in 2020

Banner IP Live

The broadcast market has been evolving to a more IP based infrastructure and today it’s common to see video signal to be carried over IP networks. MOG can help you build a IP-based workflow with high flexibility, reduced costs and scalability in your production environment. So stick around to know more about our solutions for […]

MOG integrates SRT protocol on its products

Banner SRT integration

SRT is one of the emerging technologies that support near-real-time delivery to decrease the latency in the media operations. SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport and it is an open source video transport protocol that optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks, such as the Internet, by dynamically adapting to the real-time network conditions between transport […]

MOG presents new implementations and formats

Banner PR MOG IBC new implementations

MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, announces the introduction of new features for their product catalog. The need to reach a multitude of platforms and devices has been a challenge for media professionals and content creators, meaning higher costs and more complexity. Giving the high demand for integration with multiple […]

Highlighting mDECK at IBC 2019


MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, announces today the launch of a professional media deck appliance, mDECK. mDECK is the ultimate professional media deck appliance used to ingest, transcode and play 4 QFHD video streams in dozens of formats. By supporting file-based and baseband contents at the same time, it can […]

MOG Launches MAM4PRO at IBC 2019

MOG launches MAM4PRO at IBC 2019

MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media unveils today one of the highlights at this year IBC Show. MAM4PRO is an enterprise solution designed for managing and executing all media operations – Record, Ingest, Play, Stream, Encode, Transcode and Decode – in a professional production and post-production ecosystem. It will give professionals the capability […]

MOG Presents New Developments at IBC 2019


MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, will be presenting their latest developments at IBC 2019, taking place 13 to 17 September, booth 7.A27, at RAI Amsterdam. The focus will be on the latest advances for the Production Management Platform with MAM4PRO; a new Professional Media Deck Station; new enhancements to […]

MOG em parceria com LineUp na SET EXPO 2019

Banner MOG em parceria com LineUP na SET EXPO 2019

MOG Technologies, fornecedora líder de soluções MXF e de sistemas de ingest centralizados anuncia parceira com a LineUp, uma das principais Integradoras de Sistemas do mercado Broadcast brasileiro. A LineUp está presente no mercado há mais de 28 anos. O seu foco é em Integração de Sistema, Projetos, Instalação e vendas de produtos e suporte técnico […]

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