Central Ingest to Google Cloud Storage

MOG partnership Google

MOG partners with Google

We are pleased to announce that we are now a trusted Google Cloud Partner. Our central ingest system is fully integrating with Google Cloud Storage. The partnership will allow MOG team to keep aligned with Google innovation roadmap and ensure the adaption to new formats and technologies.

The integration is smooth and simple, requiring 3 steps only:

1. Set your Storage to “Google Cloud Storage” 

ingest web

2. Define your Workflow Settings 

workflow web


3. Select your asset and run your Workflow

asset explorer web

There! Your media is directly ingested into Google Cloud Storage. No need for additional tools, appliances or even intermedium storages.

cloud storage web

MOG Central ingest platform easily ingests, transcodes and records your media directly to Google Cloud Storage. The integration also extends to consumer storage Google Drive.

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