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mediaREC in AVID Environment

Posted on 2019-01-24 by

3 Reasons to Streamline your Avid Ingest Operations with mediaREC

Whether capturing your live-feeds into a standalone Avid Media Composer system or into Avid Interplay platform, you need flexible and efficient tools to save on time and resources.

The powerful mxfSPEEDRAIL mediaREC streamlines your ingest processes and maximizes your production flexibility in every environment.

In this post, we highlight 3 reasons why you should integrate mediaREC in your AVID environment:

1. Metadata Automation

With mediaREC you can pre-define your Metadata Locators, inserting it with a single click and on-the-fly, while the content is being ingested.

The Metadata will be logged into your timecode and visible as a marker in your AVID editor timeline.

mediaREC provides several Metadata options including:

  • AVID specific metadata fields;
  • Metadata mapping with defines templates (AS11, AS11 DPP, AVID, XDCAM);
  • User-defined metadata templates;
  • Customized metadata output;
  • Closed Caption VNC-SMPTE 436M.
1. Edit While Capture web 800x410

2.  Edit-While-Growing

Capture your Live-Feeds and save time by editing-while-capturing.

The system supports multiple sources, codecs and wrappers, namely MXF OPAtom (AVID native) and DNxHR (multiple resolutions) as Output Wrappers, and Avid MPEG2 (SIF – Source Input Format @ 2Mbps) as Proxy. 

2. editwhilecapture web 800x410

3. Interplay Check In or Standalone Environment

mediaREC performs automatic Interplay Check-In for both Video and Metadata.

The metadata is preserved both in Interplay via Interplay Web Services, or in Standalone Editing Environments with AAF output.

3. interplay check in web 800x410

With mxfSPEEDRAIL, you will focus on the creative part of the job and optimize all the manual, time-consuming, tasks.

With an intuitive interface, your operators won’t face a large learning curve and will easily automate all the steps in the production workflow.

Check Out the Video Tutorial

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