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MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, announces the introduction of new features and implementations for their product catalog.

The need to reach a multitude of platforms and devices has been a challenge for media professionals and content creators, meaning higher costs and more complexity. Giving the high demand for integration with multiple devices and social media, MOG is currently supporting a wide range of formats that complements the traditional environments and formats with the new streaming needs.

MOG will help to efficiently prepare and distribute the media. Our systems now have the following implementations:

    • SRT – Low latency Video Streaming Protocol
    • AI Object Recognition & Sentiment analysis;
    • Framerate conversion;
    • Graphics Burnt-in
    • ASPERA and FileCatalyst File Transfer
    • Professional Media Deck – customizable player with touchscreen control
    • Hardware accelerated Decoding & Encoding
    • 8K Ingest – HDR e HFR (up to 240 fps)
    • Social Media Input/Output for VoD and Live Streaming

In addition to new features and despite the already extensive format and transcoding chain supported by MOG platforms, we are now supporting:

    • AOMedia Video 1 (AV1)
    • Matroska Media Container
    • Adaptive bitrate
    • Uncompressed YUV 8 and 10 bits
    • Uncompressed RGB

The new developments of MOG helps customers choose a solution that fits their needs, while increasing productivity and streamlining processes.

At IBC 2019, booth 7.A27, MOG will be exhibiting the new available improvements, where visitors can join us to learn how to take the maximum benefit from broadcast systems, to a cloud-based interactive and multi-content platform.

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