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Q1-Q3 Overview – Product Features

Before we jump into Q4, here’s a wrap-up of MOG’s new product features and developments so far, and an overview of what we have in storage for the next few months.

New Product Features and Releases


• MOG File Package

• Streamlabs Mobile App

• Support 48fps Drop Frame media

• Test Pattern Generator

Live Switcher

• Capture Switcher Producer

Metadata & Enhancements

• Metadata – Use Enhanced Metadata in Workflows

• Automatic Jobs – Support Metadata Enhancement Workflows

• Enhanced Metadata – Edit and Delete Locators

• Add new Tab on Metadata Widget

• Audio Clipping Detection

• Black Frames Detection

• Face Recognition

• Loudness Detection

• Object Detection

• Scene Change Detection

• Silence Detection

• Speech to Text

• Update existing Interplay entry with new metadata

• Video Freeze Detection

• Voice Activity Detection

• Vehicle Detection


• Edit Playlist on the fly

• Playlist Countdown and Clip Countdown

• Queue on First Frame and Last Frame

• Queue on First Frame the first asset of the playlist


• Add Support for .MOV files containing “Run-length encoding” video essence

• API – Asset ID by UNC Path

• Continuous Recording Clipname

• Enhance CORE Logs with Social Media Plugin Information

• Extend PlayList Max duration

• Hardware – DXVA hardware video decoder selection

• Maintenance – Remote Services and System Restart

• Statistics – Collections

• Use shuttle to control an asset that is playing in RplayerWeb

• Add support for HTTP/HTTPS Ingress

• Asset Management – OTT Check In to Vizzi

• Subtitles – Fragmented WebVTT

• Report – Media Data Consumption (Input and Output)


• Support for 10bit

• Loop Play


• DASH/HLS packager with DRM

• Delete Artifacts

• DNxHR 444

• H.264 8K

• IMF (Netflix Compliant)

• Individual Audio Mapping by output target

• Integrate native NDI output in mog.rPlayerSDI

• Mute Proxy Option

• New HEVC Profiles

• Retry Failed Workflows

• Support Captioning for OTT

• MainConcept JPEG2000 encoder


• Advanced Text Search

• Asset Browser Permissions

• Asset Essences

• Asset Essences for Generic Sources

• Asset Explorer Search Bar on Top

• Asset Tags

• Automatic Job – Collections as Input

• Check-In via Workflow

• Check-In via Metadata Update

• Check-In via Workflow

• MOG Player Proxy

• Move option in Asset Collections

• Private and Shared Asset Collections

• Save Searches and Filters


• Media Hash List (MHL Files)

• Metadata Enhancement

• Speech Recognition


• Loudness normalization

• Audio Asset Ingest Only

Upcoming Updates & Releases

Integrated Live Switcher

mLIVE – Capture WebRTC Streams

Elgato Stream Deck Integration

Monitor Real-time QC Analysis

Lighting Control – Support for DMX protocol

Automatic start and stop stream recording

Automatic Stream descriptive metadata Ingest

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