SKYWATCH Scheduler Production Orchestration at NABSHOW 2018

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MOG Technologies, the worldwide provider of end-to-end solutions for professional media, will be presenting at NABSHOW 2018, the new SKYWATCH Scheduler Production Orchestration, a module that brings maximum agility to scheduling management and monitoring processes.

SKYWATCH Scheduler Production Orchestration is a multi-channel calendar that enables users to schedule and control multiple SDI stream recordings, define record title, set job parameters, choose recording profiles and monitor the job status, along with a friendly and completely unified timeline view. The system uses an innovative UX to ensure users can easily track the status of all the media assets. It also allows scheduling up to 365 days ahead, with or without recurrence and with support for multiple time zones.

Major benefits of SKYWATCH Scheduler Production Orchestration include greater interoperability; full integration of every scheduled task for Video Recorder, File-Based Ingest and Playout Services; reduction of costs by managing and configuring all events in a single GUI and a higher control of the assets with a roll-out view that keeps track of all the scheduled jobs. The router control capability also brings higher productivity by minimizing the change for human error and integration with legacy systems for an increased lifecycle of such systems.

Scheduler Production Orchestration is an agile tool that fully integrates with automated file format conversion, transcoding, proxy generation, metadata checking and name rulings. It largely improves the way media assets are managed and distributed across production processes.

MOG will be exhibiting at NABSHOW 2018, booth SU5521. Join us to find out how you can reduce costs and streamline your operations with SKYWATCH Production Management System and the new orchestrated solution for scheduling production.

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