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Today we introduce you a new feature implementation.

It is now possible to ingest videos as they are viewed by the user. In addition to the Social Media Widget already present in MAM4PRO, the new Social Media Plugin for Chrome will let users ingest media without having to access the MAM4PRO GUI, allowing the content to be ready for editing or any other task, in no time.

Just open the plug in, insert the URL and run the workflow to fetch your video, with option to preserve metadata, or not.

Additionally, users won’t need to worry about monitoring the ingest process, as the plugin will notify them once it’s completed, so work can continue while the browser is minimized.

See the Social Media Plugin in Action: 


  • Option to ingest with or without metadata;
  • Configurable Fields;
  • Filter for pre-configured social media profiles;
  • Enable notifications when the browser is minimized;
  • Know the status of the ingest in real-time;
  • Ingest from Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo and Twitter.

See below how you can integrate the Social Media Plugin in quick easy steps:

1. How to install Chrome Plugin

Access the MAM4PRO Help Menu, and then the Social Media Plugin tab:

Download the plugin and extract the files to a folder of your choice:

Access Google Chrome, put in the chrome address bar: chrome://extensions. In the upper right corner activate Developer Mode:

In the upper left corner, click on Load Unpacked, point to the previously extracted folder:

Finally, in the chrome address bar the extension will be visible:

Check if Google Chrome is allowed to send notifications. Go to chrome://flags

Find “Enable native notifications” and enable the option:

Windows notifications must be active, otherwise they will not appear.
Access to Settings -> System -> Notifications & Actions -> Find Google Chrome and check the option:

Also in the Plug In there is an option to enable/disable notifications.
Note: If this option is active and the previous ones are not, it will not work.

2. Implemented Features

2.1. Connect to an existing MAM4PRO

The Plug In only becomes useful and functional if we are able to connect it to an existing MAM4PRO, for that, it is necessary that the machine where the Plug In is installed be able to connect, through the IP address, to the host machine where the MAM4PRO is running. There is a Settings section for this, where it is possible to add and remove the connection.

2.2. Run ingest workflows

The Ingest workflows of the Generic type existing in the MAM4PRO that has been configured are displayed in the Plug In:

2.3. Support for custom metadata

When metadata fields are available in the workflow, they will also be displayed in the Plug In:

2.4. Real-time update of the various flows created

Like the Activity widget in the MAM4PRO GUI, the Plug In also has a real-time update of the status of the various flows that are created. There are some states, such as: Downloading, Running, Failed, Aborted and Completed.

2.5. Desktop Notifications

One of the principles of Plug In is precisely the ease and efficiency of use. It eliminates the need for users to have the browser window open simultaneously: Whenever a download or flow ends/fails, a notification is issued to the desktop, which allows the user to be informed of what is happening, even when performing other tasks.

Want to see MAM4PRO – Digital Media Production in Action?

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