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virtual events
virtual events

How can the OTT help you uplift your business with virtual events

As we already know, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all industries. All around the world, countries went to lockdown and people have been staying at home.

That means a lot of in-person events and activities were canceled. The result was a full migration to the digital and the OTT industry saw amazing growth during these times but it’s only just beginning.

With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, we saw how the online became the new norm in order to keep the business going. Companies and organizations had to quickly come up with a Plan B for all the events and meetings they had planned, and that leads us to a lot of digital events, being the safest way to continue a normal flow of business.

Why organize a virtual event

Either for a customer meetup, an industry conference, or to participate in a webinar, a digital event puts your company in contact with all your customers and industry peers. Besides, you can also reach people that for some reason couldn’t come to your in-person event.

Digital events help you stay linked with your audience and deliver a different and entertaining experience to your guests. People are looking for new ways to stay connected now that major conferences and shows are not possible.

And since online gatherings seem to be here to stay, jump into the virtual world and discover how the OTT industry can help enhance your presence online.

Why choose OTT?

There is no doubt that OTT represents the future of entertainment and video. Providing a great opportunity for companies to continue delivering content to their audience, the OTT industry has become the only way forward in the next months. And nowadays, there’s a vast of OTT platforms that you can choose. Fully adapted to your audience with the right tools to capture your crowd’s attention and offer you public interactive and dynamic virtual experiences.

Through last years, MOG has been developing the perfect solutions for you to invest in the digital world. Although the circumstance right now is not the ideal one, your business is always on time. And with the pandemic happening without a final date, organizations and companies had and still are reinventing themselves so they can adapt to new times.

Over these last few months, Vizzi has been a grateful boost for us, as we could continue to help and support all our clients. With Vizzi, MOG continues to present products demos without having any kind of trouble. We had counted with multiple digital meetings and Vizzi has served us when supplying with the right technology for internal and external training.

Watch here a small vídeo, where our software engineer, Luís Freitas, talks about the paradigm change that COVID-19 brought and how OTT provides an opportunity for business to keep a continuous flow of engaging content for your audience.

Vizzi: an OTT platform ready to help you deploy your content exactly as you want

Vizzi is an online service that enables you to manage and deliver your videos and engage with your audiences. An all-in-one solution to publish, distribute, manage and monetize your media content. A powerful, robust, and cost-effectively, end-to-end platform, it combines in one place all the flexible and scalable tools that you need, for the dynamic delivery of Live TV and VOD services, across any IP-based device, deployed on the cloud, on-premises or using a hybrid architecture.

Engage with your audience

With Vizzi iOTT you have a vast collection of tech tools to make online TV a social and interactive experience. Vizzi will put you on the right path to engage with your audience and even reach more people to watch your content.

Here’s what you can offer you audience with Vizzi Interactivity:

  • Synchronized viewing experience:

Gives remote participants the capability to enjoy a Livestream together, where they’re all synchronized to the same point in the video and see the action at exactly the same time. The participants see and chat with each other while watching your content (like a video call) and can live text chat among themselves or with everyone.

  • Multiple Viewing experience – Keeping with the demand

Put viewers right in the middle of the action and engage them in ways they never thought possible: by using virtual screen all content becomes available in a centralized way, and you can choose between different viewing experiences like picture in picture, split-screen, multi-camera layouts and more. Vizzi’s interactive video technologies empower you to create relevant content that makes it easier for your audience to keep up with your business.

And now that viewers are getting more and more hooked with virtual meetings and events, OTT is the best place for you. Are you prepared to enter the digital transformation?

MOG will showcase a digital event where you will be able to see how Vizzi iOTT features work and to present our new developments.

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