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Advanced Technology for end-to-end New Media channels setup.

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OTT Channels
Live Stream and VOD
Live Stream and VoD
360º Live Stream and VOD
360º Live Stream and VoD

Advanced technology for New Media Channels setup

MOG provides advanced technology that enables the creation, publishing, distribution and management of media content in live or VoD.

Advanced technology for New Media Channels

Central Ingest
& Media Preparation

Ingest and prepare your media with NLE, store it and share it with your team through remote locations.

Content Management
Audience Management

Manage your OTT media and content  libraries to send it to any device, at any time of day.

Cloud Distribution
& Delivery

Use MOG cloud services to ensure a fast and secure delivery to your audience.

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360º Online Video Platform

360° Online Video Platform

Providing you a single platform that covers all the processes from 360° capture to delivery, with the required consultancy and support services to set up your 360° studio.

Advanced technology for New Media Channels


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