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Monetize . Manage . Engage

Advanced technology that enables the creation, publishing, distribution and management of media content for both live and VoD.

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End-to-End Technology or Fully Customized

We can provide you the full end-to-end solution or adapt it to your existing workflow.


Monetize your contents.

Get smart monetization in a cross-device platform. Manage your advertising and subscriptions in the same console.

On-Premises OTT technology

Do the math! If you’re monetizing your content but paying and enormous monthly fee amount, you may prefer to install the OTT technology on your premises.


Integrating Central Ingest and Media Preparation

By integration MOG´s Central Ingest system in your OTT setup, you can save up your much needed time to edit and prepare your contents!


Modular and fast time to market

Launch your OTT platform as quickly as 3 months and keep your business growing by adding more platforms as you go.

Analytics for Personalization

Collect valuable data about your viewers to provide personalized experiences.


Viewers Engagement

Personalize your apps, built-in engagement and get social recommendations. Get all the tools you need to keep your viewers engaged.

Main Features:

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