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Digital Media Production on the Cloud

MAM4PRO is an enterprise solution for managing and executing all media operations including record, ingest, transcode, playback, stream, encode, and decode in professional media production ecosystems such as broadcasters and production houses. Based on virtual media operations technology, MAM4PRO can be performed on a private, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure. An optimal solution for the headend of video circuits and flight-studios.

Main Benefits

Virtual Media

Deployable On-Premises, or on a Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud

Central Administration of all Media Operations, On-premises, and On-cloud

Same platform for Production, Contribution and Distribution Video Formats

Remote Digital Media Production and Management


  • Find assets assertively and instantaneously
  • Tell the history of the assets
  • Provides Analytics of all production activities
  • Informs the Status and usage of all resources
  • Production Asset Management
  • Scheduler orchestration of all ingest activities
  • Performs all kinds of media operations including:
    • Stream | Record | Ingest | Playback | Encode | Decode | Transcode
  • Full-featured friendly web user interface

Virtual Media Operations

Virtual Media Operations enables computer farms to perform the same features as Dedicated Media Equipment. Operations such as record, ingest, transcode, playback, stream, encode, or decode that used to be performed by dedicated boxes can now be performed on the cloud, in a single user interface.

Media Transformation

Micro Services

4PRO Software Services is a set of developments that can be implemented in the MAM4PRO environment. The micro-services are fully-tailored to your specific needs and workflow. With 4PRO software services you can get a well-defined interface and operation in your production workflow.

  • Enterprise platform from C-level to media users
  • Tailored to specific needs
  • Provides accurate analytics
  • Adapts to user profile


4PRO mediaFARM

MAM4PRO gathers a set of media operations in a high-performance computer system that we call mediaFARM. You can choose from a set of powerful but compact media servers, that’ll fit your workflow needs. MOG’s mediaFARM is a turnkey solution that will give you the capability and maximum flexibility to perform multiple tasks in a single interface.

  • Employs multiple servers in a single physical location
  • High availability and optimized resource utilization
  • Less physical servers to manage

One Giant Leap for Production Management

Manage and Execute all your media operations in a single remote web user interface

A tailormade solution based on your management and production needs.

Deploy Options

Cloud Deploy

MOG helps you choose the deployment option that best fits you. MAM4PRO can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or through a hybrid model that mixes private and public clouds.

  • Ensure Security And Efficiency
  • Increase Flexibility And Control
  • Save On Budget And Resources

Deploy Options

Private Cloud

With MOG MAM4PRO you can have your own local data center. A private cloud is a private IT infrastructure for the dedicated use of a single organization, managed via internal resources. A private cloud is dedicated to the needs and goals of a single organization.

  • Data security and safety
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency

Deploy Options

Hybrid Cloud

Different sets of enterprise data require tailor-made solutions. A hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds connecting public and private. MAM4PRO Hybrid Cloud can assure you that some media operations can be run in the private cloud and others in the public. The hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private cloud services.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy transition
  • Flexibility
public cloud

Deploy Options

Public Cloud

Use a virtual environment that is openly accessible through a public network. Public cloud is a fully virtualized environment, available over the internet. With MOG help, you can perform your media operations in a public cloud.

  • Scalability
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy deployments
MAM4PRO Public Cloud

Enterprise Media Production

Headend Central Ingest

MAM4PRO is able to implement a circular buffer of days or weeks (depending on the customer activities periodicity) of all ingested content, whatever is the input format. Therefore, all the contents become available in file-based and can be totally or partially retrieved for any user that has the right to use it, any time. The headend optimizes the dedicated video circuits to a minimum while making all workflows more uniforms as everything will be file-based in a unified format.

headend central ingest diagram

mobile studio

MAM4PRO Deploy Option

Mobile Studio

Implement a complete mobile studio that can be managed by a single operator. Taking advantage of the unified user interface, the operator can easily handle all activities. With compact storage and high-performance servers, all necessary equipment can be mounted in the same rack.

  • Modular and scalable
  • Encode and transcode
  • Non-linear and Near-live streaming
mobile studio

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