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OTT TV Platform
Media Preparation

Next Generation OTT-TV Video Platform

Vizzi is an all-in-one solution to publish, distribute, manage and monetize your media content, with no loose ends.

Main Benefits

A Truly End-to-End OTT TV Platform

Using a suite of innovative products and integrated technologies, VIZZI can help businesses reduce their time-to-market, guaranteeing a turnkey end-to-end Live TV and Video on Demand ecosystem, from start to finish.


Vizzi covers every step of your OTT & tv everywhere workflow

Content acquisition and ingest, asset management, publishing, user management, monetization, advertising, reporting, analytics, all built in-house, and pre-integrated to bring you unique platform features for a quick time-to-market and efficient operations.

Ingest From Multiple Sources

Media Acquistion

Guaranteeing a smooth and secure gateway for your media acquisition, either from Live or VoD, for further processing and streaming.

  • Live: Satellite, Cable, DTT, IP, Fiber
  • VoD: Camera Cards, Files
  • Metadata Annotation

Transform and Handle Any Kind of Media

Media Preparation

Supporting every step of the service generation workflow for both OTT and TV deliveries. The capability to handle all sorts of media processes ensures high-quality and efficient service delivery across all screens on any transport network, including IPTV, cable, satellite, DTT, and the internet.

  • Streamlined Media Operations: Record, Ingest, Transcode, Encode, Decode, Playout, Streaming, and Packaging
  • Metadata Origination & Enrichment

Take Full Control Of Your Business Strategy

Media Management

Add, manage, and customize multiple profiles on your workflow with a simple, intuitive interface so you can control every step of your business strategy. Foresee future behaviors and adjust the monetization models to fit your needs.

  • Content Management;
  • Rights Management;
  • Assets and Metadata Management: EPG, Recommendations, Rating
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Catch-up TV, Time-shift and nPVR options

Ensure A Secure And Global Reach

Media Distribution and Security

Benefit from a powerful infrastructure that provides a truly global reach with security in mind. Power your viewer’s video experience and control your content with an easy and intuitive interface to serve any media to your worldwide customers, with unmatched quality and security.

  • AOS & CDN Distribution;
  • DRM Encryption;
  • Packaging.

Engage With Your Viewers Anywhere

Media Consumption

Build a memorable presence and captivate your audience on multiple apps, in any device. Vizzi counts with an online video player, guaranteeing a fast and smooth playback, with actionables capability, adding a new layer of engagement with your audience.


  • In-player Actionables;
  • Continue Watching List;
  • WebSRT/WebVTT;
  • VoD and Live Streaming;
  • ABR;
  • VAST, VPAID, Google IMA, Facebook Network Tag;

Multiple Devices

  • Safari, Chrome, Edge, FireFox;
  • AndroidTV, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, Roku, Samsung, LG and Sony;
  • iOS, Android.

White Label Template

  • Define your brand logo, color scheme, posters, thumbnails, content categories and metadata.

Cross-Screen Experience

Engagement Tech-tools

Create and nurture a strong bond with your audience by offering multiple interactive and engaging feature.

Catch-up TV

  • Interactive EPG
  • Instant access to Live TV viewing, catch-up, and nPVR recording
  • Ultra-fast channel change

Interactive OTT

  • Watch Together
  • Live Chat
  • In-player Actionables

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