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Supervise, Control and Manage all activities and resources in a single UX

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Detect issues before they get critical

Determine the performance, health, and availability of your services and resources with the healthCHECKER module.

An effective monitoring strategy will help you understand the detailed operations of each different service on your environment.

The SKYWATCH system will proactively notify you of critical issues.


Scheduler Orchestration

The mediaSCHEDULER module unifies your ingest, recording and play activities in a single roll-out view.

The Router Control Plug-In unifies control and interfacing to SKYWATCH and third-party routers.

Trace your media assets

The mediaTRACE module provides you a clear overview of the entire lifecycle of your media assets.

Just select the asset and get an immediate glimpse of all its related information and operations.


Manage your storage effectively

The assetRANKING module provides a dashboard to display information about warm and cold assets and the available storage in your folders/workspaces. It presents a simple but powerful snapshot of how you can optimize your online storage.

Managers will be able to anticipate storage needs or to mitigate any incorrect usage.

Control your project status

Projects tend to fail due to the lack of a global and accurate visibility over all the related information. With projectTRACKER, you will monitor your data, media assets, users and resources and all the relevant info.

Get shareable reports and dashboards and base your investment decisions on accurate data.


Monitor all the activities performed by your editing suites

The editorsPERFORMANCE module correlates the information about resources, activities, and media during a time period. It then provides all the activity and performance history about the NLE usage.

Find the correct asset

The mediaSEARCH module is the only available tool that searches for the asset you are actually looking for. It considers the user profile, the projects and productions in which the user is working and the location where the search is performed to obtain the correct asset. It also supports incorrect and mixed characters and translates the search into multiple languages.

Media analytics

Improve your reporting processes

Leverage your established management methods with mediaANALYTICS. This module provides factual and accurate statistics on productivity, availability, and efficiencyForesee your future needs with flexible and simple dashboards.

Integrates with third-party systems

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Connect to third-party systems API’s and control all of them from a single interface.

SKYWATCH Third Party Control

No physical or geographic boundaries

Operate an integrated set of production modules and manage multiple processes in a single interface.

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