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Adobe Creative Cloud Tools

Adobe CC is a bundle of production tools intensively used in content production environments, such as TV broadcasters, production houses, content production companies and many others.

MOG covers every step of your production workflow, handling and managing the media, while seamlessly integrating with Adobe’s editing and finishing tools:

Automate your media operations and free your editorial teams for what their good at: creating content.

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Cover every step of your production workflow

Adobe’s Post production workflows can take advantage of the following products:

Enterprise Media Production


MAM4PRO is an enterprise solution for managing and executing all media operations including: record, ingest, transcode, playback, and also stream, encode and decode in professional media production ecosystems such as broadcasters and production houses.
It includes native virtual media operations technology, that can be performed on a private cloud, on an hybrid cloud and on a public cloud infrastructure. Optimal solution for headend of video circuits and flight-studios.

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How does it Work?

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MAM4PRO Software Services

4PRO mediaPAM

4PRO mediaPAM is a micro-service software that manages assets and its metadata. It features a unique way to handle media workflows of multiple professional media production systems, from a single place.

With an open API it can easily interoperate with different media production systems. It is definitely a cost effective tool that helps broadcasters and media professionals to improve the production ecosystem, in order to achieve better results and greater productivity.

production asset management mediapam
4pro softwareservices overview mediamove

4PRO mediaMOVE

4PRO mediaMOVE is a software micro-service that can support QFHD/FHD/HD/SD video gateways to ingest and transcode all kind of media files for an enterprise farm.

4PRO mediaPLAY

4PRO mediaPLAY is a software micro-service that supports playing all kinds of media of UHD/QFHD/FHD/HD/SD media files for an enterprise farm.

file playback mediaplay
4pro softwareservices overview medialive

4PRO mediaLIVE

4PRO mediaLIVE is a software micro-service that encodes and/or decodes live video streams in MPEG-TS, RTMP, HLS and MPEG-DASH formats for an enterprise farm.

4PRO mediaFARM

4PRO mediaFARM

MAM4PRO gathers a set of media operations in a high-performance computer system that we call mediaFARM. You can choose from a set of powerful but compact media servers, that’ll fit your workflow needs. 

MOG’s mediaFARM is a turnkey solution that will give you the capability and  maximum flexibility to perform multiple tasks in a single interface.


MAM4PRO Media Farm

Compact Video Shared Storage


storEDIT is a dedicated hardware container with up to 120 TB capacity for your media files with high-performance reliability. MOG network shared storage is equipped with SSD and HDD drives that provides versatility and high-capacity storage. It is ultra-compact and lightweight and it features an enterprise RAID controller.

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Main Benefits

SSD Storage

HDD Storage

High-density IT Servers


Benefit from a set of compact servers that are ideal for small spaces. They can increase the CPU density by a factor of 2 or 4 times. These servers allow installation on both sides of the rack, simultaneously, and feature a storage server with the same dimensions, making it a powerful unit for multiple use cases.

High Density IT Servers - Xpress GPU Boosted Dual Server

Professional Media Gateways


With mxfSPEEDRAIL, you can easily integrate all the acquisition, production, and distribution technologies in a single system: from end-to-end with no loose ends.

mxfSPEEDRAIL is a flexible solution that seamlessly transfers material between editors, devices, servers and network folders. Benefit from a family of turnkey appliances that can support multiple video gateways to stream, record, ingest, transcode, play, encode and decode all kind of media formats.

professional media gateways solutions

Professional Media Decks


mDECK is the ultimate professional media deck to record, ingest, transcode and play multiple channels of any media formats simultaneously. It supports file-based and baseband contents simultaneously and it is able to perform hybrid operations. This makes it a great choice for multiple media operations in IT and video networks.

mdeck professional media deck

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