Interactive video is an innovative way to reach your online targets.

It is now possible with Virtual Screens!

“Consumers have more choice than ever from whom they will source their video content and millenials, all they seem to do is go online. Everything is online.”

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The challenges that OTT providers face today are not about consumption, they are about choice. Consumers are overflooded with content and have little patience or time to look for different sources of entertainment. 

An OTT platform’s ability to stand out from the crowd is not just about which movies and shows it offers, it’s also about the experience that platforms provides. From the user experience (UX) to content discovery to socialization and engagement; successful OTT platforms need to provide an experience that’ll keep its audience wanting to come back for more.

Overcoming those challenges might require making some fundamental changes to your technology or workflow. To keep your online consumers happy (and away from your competitors’ offerings), you’ll need to build a better lure. 

What is a Virtual Screen?

A virtual screen can be thought of as a presentation space where data can be stored. It simulates a physical screen but is not confined to the size of the physical screen. When you are looking at a window, you are viewing a virtual screen.

Depending on the size of the window and the size of the virtual screen, you may be seeing a portion of the virtual screen or the entire virtual screen. 

Virtual Screens allows multiple sources of content to be arranged on the screen in almost any way imaginable. Administrators can create custom-sized screen overlays to design “composite applications” from available content on any device.

That comes as the perfect solution to make available different types of engaging content simultaneously, and give the users the power to pick what they want to see. It’s a much-needed shift in control. 

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Synchronized viewing experience

The core tech is Rooms in which remote participants enjoy a Livestream together, all synchronized to the same point in the video so that they see the action at exactly the same time, is called synchronized viewing. 

The participants see and chat with each other while watching (like a video call) and can live text chat among themselves or with everyone, on the Vizzi iOTT platform, watching the game. 

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Enhanced TV, Shopification, T-commerce

Your audiences are watching their favorite sitcom or celebrity show and they see it: the perfect blouse or purse or watch. How great would it be if when they aim their remote at the TV, their finger at their tablet or smartphone, to push one button and buy it? The attraction is undeniable.

They get instant gratification by buying the objects they see on their favorite shows is a powerful way to keep them engaged and hoping to see what comes next.

This means you’ll get extra revenue – profiting directly from the desires your audiences have log cultivated. Now thanks to cord-cutters, the shift to OTT, and the release of Vizzi iOTT, T-commerce is just a click away.

Keeping up with the demand

Digital natives live and breathe digital media. Their attention spans are economical, and their proclivity towards spending time on a single piece of content or a single platform for extended periods is low. Their lives are built around many different digital platforms and contents, not just yours, and they’re quick to adopt new ones too. They don’t feel any sense of loyalty to one or another platform and are perfectly content dancing across several, often in rapid succession.

With Vizzi iOTT you can put viewers right in the middle of the action and engage them with content in ways they never thought possible: by using virtual screens is possible, all content becomes available in a centralized way. 

It is also possible to provide experiences like switching between different cameras to see live-action as if the user is on the field or invite them to access a behind-the-scenes situation with Vizzi’s powerful interactivity tool.

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If your content doesn’t resonate well with your audience, they’ll abandon it instantly. Thankfully, Vizzi’s interactive video technologies empower you to create hyper-relevant and personalized content that makes it even easier for you to follow up with more relevant material. It’s all about being where  your audience is, and today, they’re everywhere, doing everything. 

Get ready to attract the connected consumer behind the scenes with Vizzi iOTT.

Customer Thailand TV MOG

In 2015, we had the requirement to capture a total of 6 x SDI channel feeds for “Local Program” and others in AVCI-50 HD format. Also sharing the captured file which is stored in Dell NAS Storage to our MAM system for non-linear editing in MAM production workflow.
To serve this demand and having the operational flexibility of our baseband ingest, MOG mxfSPEEDRAIL S1000 let us schedule our recording feed as needed, edit while ingest and include crash recording for a particular event. Another purpose of using MOG is recording “Live Feed and backup”. It is very easy to use the web-browser client to operate the channel recording and the user level is adequate and appropriate for day-to-day operations.

Ongart Phothivorn / Senior Vice-President / The Bangkok Entertainment Co, Ltd – ThaiTV3
datos media mog

MXFSpeedrail de MOG es una excelente y potente solución de ingesta y transcodificación implementada en los flujos de producción de los principales broadcasters. Con una amplia compatibilidad de formatos, incluso hasta 8K (HEVC265 y JPEG2000).

Datos Media Technologies / Linkedin Company Page
grbentertainment mog

The greatest benefit mxfSPEEDRAIL has brought to our workflow is the ability to run media transcoding as a parallel rather than a linear process. Before mxfSPEEDRAIL we were limited to ingesting footage only at night when the editors were not using the Avid bays. mxfSPEEDRAIL eliminates this limitation allowing us to ingest/transcode footage around the clock. In addition, the AE’s are more productive because they can continue working while Speedrail processes footage rather than sitting around waiting for their Avid’s to finish transcoding.

Tim Cunningham / Assistant Editor / GRB TV

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