Native Virtualization of Media Operations

Virtualization of Media Operations

Virtual Media Operations gives a media ecosystem the ability to make use of computer farms to get the same features as the ones used with Dedicated Media Equipment. Media Operations tasks like Record, Ingest, Play, Stream, Encode, Transcode or Decode usually performed by dedicated boxes, can now be replaced by virtual operations running on a computer farm.

This technology has seen a significant growth in implementation in other markets over the last few years, and it is now time for the Broadcast and Media Industry to take advantage of it, in order to maximize production on multiple operations.

Main Advantages

Why a Virtual Media Farm?

With the virtual operation running on an IT Farm, production houses can rely on a easy to setup infrastructure, without needing to allocate different expertise to each equipment, nor have a 24/7 support team onsite in case there’s a physical malfunction.

Increase the media professionals’ performance

No matter what the environment is – news studios, production houses, OB vans, sports and live-events coverage – there are multiple departments and professionals collaborating around the globe that need to perform multiple operations on a tight schedule.

• By virtualizing the media operations, those professionals will have access to the resources they need on the fly – for that specific project – and then have the ability to switch the operation processes to a different one – without needing a dedicated equipment for each of them.

• Without this redundancy of resources, it can be guaranteed that all equipment usage is being maximized and that there are no “dead usage moments” in production.

Help IT administrators optimize daily tasks

Working with Native Virtual Media Operations, IT administrators can manage resources centrally instead of supporting individual equipment at every location.

• They can scale up and down the number of resources based on the instant needs of media operations which will save many operational costs along the way.
• The operations can be accessed by a web user interface for Administrators that enables IT managers to easily monitor all media infrastructure and spend less time in troubleshooting. IT managers can get a better insight of their infrastructure down to the specifics, enabling the prediction of critical tasks and errors. This will inevitably reduce the time they usually spend responding to support requests and solving them.

In addition, upgrades can be performed for workload leveling, infrastructure resilience and software upgrades without any Media Operation downtime

Drive your Business to Success with maximized production

By using Virtual Media Operations solution, companies will get significant benefits:

high performance easy deployment

Improved productivity

Companies will provide the required services to every professional and/or department from a robust media operations farm. The user experience will be better than operating in a physical server. The widget-based interface will be easily adapted to the user profile and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Resources are scaled-up quickly 

All the services are available in a single media operations farm, making support and maintenance easier and reducing the risk of services failures. In case of a service failure, the farm will immediately relocate the service to a different server ensuring there is no time waste.

mxf development less time

Real Time collaboration

Editors, ingesters, producers, or any other media user profile, will have the freedom to use the service of their choice with no compromise in the performance. The contents are available for instant access and the data in need is available anywhere.

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Cloud-based solution

All media operations are supported in a cloud environment, which greatly improves performance and allows companies to build native virtual infrastructures that are cost-effectively scaled according to the business needs.

What do we Offer?

Virtualized Media Operations and Media Farm

MAM4PRO - Native Virtual Media Operations


Virtual Media Operations

4PRO Software Services is a set of developments that can be implemented in the MAM4PRO environment. The micro-services are fully-tailored to your specific needs and workflow. With 4PRO software services you can get a well-defined interface and operation in your production workflow.


4PRO mediaFARM

MAM4PRO gathers a set of media operations in a high-performance computer system that we call mediaFARM. You can choose from a set of powerful but compact media servers, that’ll fit your workflow needs.

MOG’s mediaFARM is a turnkey solution that will give you the capability and maximum flexibility to perform multiple tasks in a single interface.

MAM4PRO Media Farm

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