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All-in-One Solution to Publish, Distribute, Manage and Monetize your Media Content

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Content distribution made simple


All the tools you need to boost your video results

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Your contents and your viewers are unique

Ensure the best experience with interactive and discoverable video


Live Stream and VoD

Power your viewers’ video experience with a highly personalized Live Streaming and Video-on-Demand platform, with support for 360.

Livestream VoD
Integrated CMS

Integrated CMS

Manage and organize your video with a simple Content Management System. Upload your videos with an easy drag and drop, define your collections and categories, generate your video posters and thumbnails on-the-fly. Define when it goes online and manage your audience in a quick step.

Deliver your video anywhere

Benefit from a top-tier CDN integration to deliver your video globally. A powerful structure that provides a truly global reach with security in mind. Power your viewers’ video experience and control your content with an easy and intuitive interface to serve any type of media to your worldwide customers, with unmatched quality.

CDN integration
Your brand

Empower your brand

With a flexible frontend, VIZZI can be fully adapted to your own branding. Benefit from our easy-to-use white label templates. Add your logo, color scheme, and interactions so that you bring attention to your brand. Customize your apps and players, define your subscriptions and engage your audiences with personalized recommendations.

Improve your results with powerful analytics

Measure your video success with detailed analytics. Track consumption details and analyze your viewers’ engagement.

Improve your content based on accurate metrics and leverage the user’s experience.


Define your business model

VIZZI supports the business models you need to drive your business. Content can be made available based on subscriptions, transactional pay-per-view, advertisement, sponsorship or freely.

Add more possibilities as you scale your video platform and combine any of them to increase your profit. You have the freedom to define your own pricing strategy.

Integrate with multiple platforms

With VIZZI it’s easy to promote your content with simple to use embeds, comprehensive APIs, and configurable workflows.

Multiple Software

Monetize your content

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Integrate with Advertising

Integrate with Advertisng Services

It is important to integrate with advertising platforms to show your ads on video.

Add pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and post-rolls to your videos and integrate with traditional ad networks to obtain higher profits.

Innovate with non-intrusive advertising

Non Intrusive ad video play

You can also opt to be different and use a non-intrusive, contextual ad experience.

Insert interactive contents in your video with call-to-actions, forms or other actions that will lead your viewers to the desired behavior. Change the ad according to geolocation or adapt it to your audience profile. 

A professional video management system for streamlining video delivery around the globe.

Take your content strategy a step forward.


1. Manage

Content Management System | Categories and Collections Organization | User Profile Management | Content Scheduling | Media Preparation | Custom Metadata Insertion | Image Management

2. Publish

Content Delivery Network | Video Security | Adaptative Bitrate Streaming | Integrate with Third-Party Platforms | Define your own Branding | Skinnable Video Player

3. Monetize

Monetize brands
Define your pricing strategy | Choose the best monetization model | Leverage advertisement | Reach and engage your audience

4. Improve

Track your video results | Get detailed analytics about your users | Take informed decisions | Adapt as needed | Improve your results

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