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How PRO TV Leverages MOG Technologies for Superior Content Deliver: A Long-Standing Partnership


PRO TV is a leading Romanian television network that relies on harmonious system integration to deliver high-quality content swiftly. MOG Technologies is an important part of this workflow, with MAM4PRO handling file-based ingest and transcode, and mREC recording video feeds. These reliable solutions ensure seamless integration, maintaining PRO TV's commitment to excellence.

The Customer


PRO TV offers top-tier entertainment, news, and sports content worldwide. Owned by Central European Media Enterprises, PRO TV operates multiple channels, including PRO TV, acasă, PRO Arena, acasă gold, and PRO Cinema. Known for its high production standards and innovative approach, PRO TV features top-rated news and successful international formats like "The Voice" and "MasterChef." For more information, visit www.protv.com.

The Challenge

As a broadcaster with multiple channels and a diverse range of content, PRO TV needed to ensure that its numerous systems worked harmoniously to deliver final products swiftly and maintain the highest quality standards. The key challenge was finding a solution that could handle file-based ingest and transcode efficiently, while also providing a reliable video feed recording system.

The Solution

PRO TV chose MOG Technologies to address their needs, integrating MOG’s MAM4PRO and mREC products into their workflow. MAM4PRO offered robust file-based ingest and transcode capabilities, streamlining the media creation and ingestion process. mREC, as a video feed recorder, ensured that PRO TV’s video feeds were reliably captured and managed.

MOG’s products are integral to PRO TV’s environment, positioned at the very start of their workflow. The integration is seamless, allowing for swift and high-quality content delivery.

The MAM4PRO system provides an efficient and reliable method for file-based ingest and transcoding, significantly improving the speed and quality of PRO TV’s content production. The mREC video feed recorder offers exceptional reliability, ensuring that all video feeds are captured without any issues, thus maintaining the highest production standards.

“The MOG Technologies products helped us to streamline the way we create and ingest media." – PRO TV

In summary, PRO TV’s integration with MOG Technologies included:

  • The implementation of MAM4PRO for efficient file-based ingest and transcoding;
  • The use of mREC as a reliable video feed recorder;
  • Seamless integration of MOG products into PRO TV’s existing workflow, enhancing overall efficiency and quality of content production;
  • Ensured high production standards and swift delivery of final products;
  • Technical and Product-level training.

The long-term relationship between the companies reflects an open window and close collaboration between MOG and PRO TV. With MOG Technologies, PRO TV successfully streamlines their broadcast operations, maintaining their position as a leader in high-quality entertainment, news, and sports content.

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