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MOG Launches MAM4PRO at IBC 2019

MOG Launches MAM4PRO at IBC 2019 MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media unveils today one of the highlights at this year IBC Show.


MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media unveils today one of the highlights at this year IBC Show.

MAM4PRO is an enterprise solution designed for managing and executing all media operations – Record, Ingest, Play, Stream, Encode, Transcode and Decode – in a professional production and post-production ecosystem.

It will give professionals the capability to perform multiple tasks in a single, user-friendly and intuitive interface, and it will provide real-time accurate analytics and reports based on management needs. MAM4PRO discards the need for dedicated equipment, allowing the user to switch between operations with maximum flexibility.
This solution will be showcased at this year’s IBC, booth 7.A27.No matter what the environment is – news studios, production houses, OB vans, sports or live-events coverage – there are multiple departments and professionals collaborating around the clock that need to perform multiple operations on a wide range of different scenarios. Production companies might have file-based ingest needs in one day and, switch to a Live Event Coverage and Distribution on the next.

By having access to a native virtualized media operations ecosystem like MAM4PRO, those professionals will have access to the resources they need on the fly – for that specific project – and then have the ability to switch the operational processes to a different one – without needing dedicated equipment for each of them. That translates in a monumental optimization of the resources usage, with no equipment sitting still when not needed.
With MAM4PRO, IT administrators can manage resources centrally instead of supporting individual equipment at every location. They can scale up and down the number of resources based on the instant needs of media tasks, which will save many operational costs along the way.

For managers, the platform provides valuable information about its production activities with a series reports:
– Asset history;
– Resources Usage Status;
– Job activities;
– Environment analytics;
– …and many others.

“We are proud to bring to the market the world’s first media operations native virtualization farm.”, said Luís Miguel Sampaio, CEO of MOG. “With the combination of a simplified and flexible infrastructure for media professionals perform their daily operational tasks, and the clear overview it’ll give to managers, MAM4PRO is a pioneer that will bridge the gap between the media industry and production management.

MOG launches MAM4PRO at IBC 2019

MOG will be showcasing MAM4PRO at IBC 2019, from 13 to 17 September, booth 7.A27, where visitors can experiment and learn more about the solution.



Posted on 2019-08-29


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