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NAB Show 2024 Recap: MOG Technologies' New Products & Show Highlights

At NABShow 2024, MOG Technologies showcased a suite of pioneering products including cloud broadcast platform MAM4PRO; mPORT, a Versatile Live Ingest & Playout Solution; mCODER Media Transcoder, and Vizzi OTT-TV Platform.


2024 saw one of our most successful NAB events with a record number of leads and activity as we introduced a range of innovative solutions designed to transform media production and broadcasting.

MOG’s latest offerings include updates to our cloud broadcast platform MAM4PRO, mPORT, a Versatile Live Ingest & Playout solution, mCODER Media Transcoder, and Vizzi OTT-TV Platform.

MAM4PRO Platform


MAM4PRO, a cloud-based media asset management system and media production solution, continues to impress with its AI-driven metadata enhancement and the first-ever integration of the VVC/H.266 SDK. This platform enables enhanced content management and distribution, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and scalability in media production.

Artificial Intelligence Enhancements:

MAM4PRO leverages cutting-edge AI to automatically enhance metadata, making media files more accessible and searchable. The AI capabilities include:

  • Face Detection & Object Recognition: Automatically identifies faces and objects within video streams, enhancing content tagging and retrieval.
  • Concept Tagger: Uses AI to understand and tag the content based on abstract concepts and themes, improving the granularity of metadata.
  • Vehicle & Licence Plate Detection: Essential for projects requiring detailed vehicle analysis, this feature identifies vehicles and captures licence plates within footage.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Converts spoken words into readable text, facilitating content indexing and searches within videos.
  • Speech Recognition: Transcribes audio content to text, enabling keyword searches and improving accessibility for different languages.

VVC/H.266 SDK Integration:

As the world’s first platform to integrate the VVC/H.266 SDK, MAM4PRO offers true next gen capabilities in video compression and streaming. Key features of this integration include:

  • Real-time 8k60 Streaming: Supports ultra-high-definition video streaming in real-time, catering to the highest quality demands of modern viewership.
  • Future-proof for Deep Cloud Archive: Ensures longevity and accessibility of content by optimizing storage and retrieval from deep cloud archives.
  • Versatile Use Cases beyond Entertainment: The SDK’s versatility extends to various sectors including surveillance, medical imaging, and live sports broadcasting, highlighting its broad applicability beyond traditional entertainment.

Vizzi OTT-TV Platform


Vizzi is a versatile OTT-TV platform designed for widespread media distribution, featuring:

  • Linear TV or Event-Based: Supports broadcast and live events, providing flexibility for various content formats.
  • Live Streaming & VOD: Offers both real-time and on-demand viewing, catering to diverse audience preferences.
  • Distribute Anywhere: Allows for instant global broadcasting, expanding reach and accessibility.

mPORT Live Ingest & Playout


mPORT, recently introduced by MOG Technologies, stands out as the most adaptable video server on the market. Specifically engineered for live environments and studio applications, mPORT offers extensive support for a variety of video formats and interfaces, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for diverse production needs.

Key features of the mPORT include:

  • Live Ingest: Optimize media creativity for enterprise, digital media, sports and broadcast markets with a streamlined recording solution, with full support for 4K/UHD and HDR workflows, with the ability to mix SDI feeds and IP stream ingest sources.
  • Preview and PlayOut: Preview video feeds and manage playout operations seamlessly, offering enhanced control over live broadcasts and studio productions.
  • Live Stream: mPORT excels in live streaming capabilities, enabling broadcasters to stream content directly to their audiences without latency, maintaining high-quality transmission standards.

mCODER Media Transcoder

This cutting-edge solution provides ultra-high-speed transcoding capabilities, enabling users to convert media into various formats at unprecedented speeds. mCODER supports the latest codecs and is designed to meet the demands of high-volume, professional broadcasting environments where time and efficiency are critical.

Enhanced features of the mCODER include:

  • Support for Hundreds of Workflows: Versatile enough to integrate seamlessly into numerous operational workflows, accommodating a wide range of media processing tasks.
  • Compliance with Main Environments: Compliant with major broadcasting and media production environments, ensuring it can be deployed effectively across various platforms and meet industry standards for media encoding.
  • Edit-while-Ingest / Edit-while-Growing Capabilities: Ability to perform editing tasks during the ingest process or while files are still growing. This feature is particularly beneficial in live broadcast scenarios, allowing for immediate editing and faster turnaround of content, which is crucial in high-pressure, time-sensitive broadcasting situations.

With these innovations, MOG Technologies remains at the cutting edge of media technology. We're immensely proud of the updated product range we brought to NABShow 2024. Your ongoing support drives us as we strive to redefine the video technology landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from MOG Technologies, both here and on future trade shows.




Posted on 2024-04-22