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mDECK Grand io

Deck appliance for hybrid workflows in 4K, UHD, FHD, IP Live, and NDI

Take your content production to the next level with DECK Grand io, a professional media deck that ensures incredible reliability and elasticity with the combination of record, ingest, transcode, and playback operations in 4K, UHD, FHD, IP Live, and NDI. All in a single box and with users working together as a group.

This powerful appliance ensures broadcast quality for hybrid workflows (file-based and live) while supporting the most used formats on the market.

Additionally, it comes with local storage of 8TB, PSU redundancy, and an OS Drive.

Product Options
Adding optional features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.


Part number: mpam1u


Part number: mpla1c

OTT & Social media

Part number: groasa

Social-m plug-in

Part number: smpi

Screen-m plug-in

Part number: scpi

AI - Face Recognition and Age Prediction

Part number: graifr

AI - Object Detection

Part number: graiod

AI - Optical Character Recognition

Part number: graicr

AI - Speech Recognition

Part number: graisr

Peripheral card

Part number: pcbx

  • mSWITCH - Remote live switching and composing
  • mTALK - Audio communication between users
  • Live to Live - multiple simultaneous records
  • Batch capture
  • Closed captions
  • Multiple simultaneous transcodes
  • Automated file ingest
  • Media checksum
  • File playback - multiple simultaneous plays
  • Playlist management
  • Quality control, audio and video report
  • Flexible file naming and renaming engine
  • Locators support
  • Metadata preservation, enhancement, and enrichment
  • Supports spanned clips
  • Proxy generation
  • Playout preparation and control
  • Improved security
  • Artificial intelligence

Some of these features might affect the number of simultaneous operations.

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